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The HMS Ziggurat was an airship vessel originally designed for space travel. It currently does nothing of the sort, however, adventures are had within it nonetheless.


[edit] The Ship

A small sketch of the ship is currently in progress. The HMS Ziggurat is a rather unique vessel, based off a standard issue, mid-size British military airship, but with ramshackle odds and ends added on later. Two cannons were first affixed, then followed the harpoons, then came the oversized spyglass, then the lobster-powered raygun... To put it nicely, the ship had more modifications than is healthy. The ship includes luxurious Captain's quarters and office, a rattling boiler, a staff tea room, and assorted technical rooms the crew have reclaimed for sleeping in (as well as some nooks with hammocks). The "Navigation Chamber" is a janitor's closet, though several maps are kept in the Captain's office. Rumor has it proper crew's quarters are hidden somewhere on the ship, but people who suggest this are dismissed as crazy and thrown overboard.

[edit] Crew

The Captain of the Ziggurat and its founder is Captain Iphigenia McCannon. The position of First Mate goes to Brigadier Spenser Hawkes-Leggett, the Navigator and resident botanist is Adelaide Braun. Other crew members include(d): Estella Griffin, seamstress; Angelo Giovanni, mercenary; Nathaniel Smith, engineer, Seaman Nathaniel Bently, crewman and head of officers, and Jim Bones, cook.

[edit] Adventures

The Ziggurat has mostly been flying around trying to find a permanent crew, as it unfit for its original mission at present. It was first flown to Edinburgh for the Annual Æthernauts' Tea & Luncheon, whereupon Captain McCannon met the Brigadier. It then traveled to San Francisco where the Captain met Adelaide Braun.

Upon accruing a full crew for one of the Ziggurat's full test drives (see above for crew list), the Ziggurat promptly crashed upon a small island in the British Isles. Upon further discovery, the island is inexplicably inhabited by Incas, all following some sort of more modern and thoroughly Westernized leader. Currently, Braun, Griffin, Smith, and Bently have been taken prisoner; Giovanni has crossed sides, and McCannon and Hawkes-Leggett are hanging upside-down in a dungeon after being apprehended by angry natives. More information can be found in The Daring Adventures of the HMS Ziggurat: Volume 1.

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