HMAS BHM Marigold

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Her Majesty's Air Ship, British Health Ministry Marigold

A Garden-class British Air Frigate, delta-configuration rear stabilizer type

Armament: Main- air-to-air and air-to-ground - four 4-pounder repeating Maxim-type guns, two 2-pounder Maxim repeating guns, two 1-pounder rotating Hotchkiss repeating guns, all mounted along the envelope's waistline. Two forward Rocket tubes, 1 rear rocket tube Secondary air-to-air and air-to-ground - two three-inch clip-fed repeating deck guns on topside dorsal obaservation deck; Two maxim guns on hanging gimbals flanking ships control car. Tertiary- air-to-air, air-to-ground hotchkiss rotating repeating guns, approximately 40, mounted on pop-up gimballed emplacements at each outside porthole or door opening.

Propulsion: Originally coal/oil fired steam expansion/trurbine drive for internal ducted prop arrays; Now fired using Aether and Oil firing. Aetheric burners are in testing phase.

Lofting: Originally Primarily Hydrogen/Helium Cell, now serving as a testing bed for partial Mechanical Lofting Mechanisms.

Crew Complement: Variable Normal operational crew numbers around 70, but ships quarters and capabilities can handle up to 100 with pofficer's mounts or limited armor transport.

Captain: Captain Hieronymous Bledsoe, RAC - IB

Commander of Operations: Lieutenant Hannibal Rourke, Paladinus Nadirius

Function: Itinerant Royal Air Corps Frigate, Assigned to Royal Air Corps Intelligence Branch. Base of on-site operations for assigned missions both public and covert. Cover: British Health Ministry "Situation Ship"; Common stand-ready ops include dealing with Greenmouth Catatonia outbreaks, International Covert Operations, Surgical Military Interdiction, Personnel Retrieval and Rescue, Royal Security Details.

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