Gregory Einhardt Richter

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Name : Gregory Einhardt Richter Age :38 Nationality (place of birth) : Prussia Physical appearance :aged white-blonde hair, tanned complexion (farmer’s tan; Lean, whiplike physique; cold, piercing ice-blue eyes Profession / job title: Flag-Captain (Marauder Mercenary Corp. High Command; Reconnaissance Branch)(actual level of Rank is above Captain, but below Commodore) Biography : (optional)Grew up in Prussia, the son of lesser-noble parents; Father was an Artillery officer under Blucher, before the Napoleonic conflicts. Mother was a minor margrave’s daughter from Hesse-Cassel

Gregory grew up under the tutelage of the households of the servants and subordinate officers of some of the most influential Prussian military minds of the previous or the Victorian age. His Parents having been killed in a Napoleonic bombardment of the town in which they lived, while young Gregory was a away at military boarding school, Gregory was taken in by his father’s subordinates and raised to be the officer that many of them never were. In his seventeenth year, he joined up with the predominately airship-ascendant Mercenary Company The Marauders, who were not yet deployed in the New World.(they took the job of border patrol of Louisiana, thus attracting the then-young Jaisen Dreyfuss, about a year later.

Thus, Richter and Dreyfuss were classmates in the Marauder Officer’s Academy. They developed a mutual respect for one another, but never a true friendship, and when the time came to accept individual Airship Commands, Richter landed a cushy Flag Packet captaincy, whilst Dreyfuss took a comparatively drudge-ridden Monitor border patrol position. In point of fact, However, Dreyfuss’ position was considered the more elite, since the Marauders habitually used their best officers in the field. Richter believed that he should have gotten the Field position, and Dreyfuss the Flag Packet. A fierce rivalry has existed between the two ever since, mainly because Richter kept trying, for several years afterward, to get Dreyfuss fired and to supplant him in the Patrol command.

Present: Richter is rather galled at the idea that he is the “dog” sent to “fetch” Dreyfuss for the High Command position, once the Mission of the Boheme is completed. He has not been told to stand aside in the conflict, but he has been warned that the loss in battle of the James Bowie, his first-rater flying Ironclad, will result in his breaking to the lowest possible rank. Luckily, He has also been told to "leave Dreyfuss’ friends, and Dreyfuss himself, alone, unless he requires your military intervention in the conflict."

Gregory's current activities can be found in Steam London

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