Francis Skinner

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Name: Francis Daniel Skinner

Age: 37

Occupation: Francis is a freelance Mercenary and Mechanic affiliated with none of the main organizations.

Appearance: Francis stands at 6"6' with a broad, hairy chest and strong arms from constant repairs on rigs when he is hired. He has short, brown hair with the occasional gray hair, predominantly on his temples. His eyes are an icy blue, but always bloodshot from a lack of sleep and the hostile environment that he inhabits. He has a multitude of scars, the most visible is the scar on his upper lip from a knife fight many years ago. His torso has various stab and bullet wound scars from an unknown origin. His legs are very powerful from years of hiking and running across loose sand.

Nationality: Considered to be Cornish

Weapon of choice: Francis, unable to purchase fancy firearms from the Atrium's, tends to use whatever he can find. He most commonly uses a modified rivet-gun that has had the safety blocks removed and the pressure greatly increased. In close-quarter combat, Francis tends to use a variety of improvised weapons, such as wrenches, screw-drivers and drill bits.

Attire: Most of Francis' attire has been scavenged from soldiers, raider and corpses he has found in the desert. He wears an old officers trench-coat with the tails frayed from constant abuse from the wind and the occasional attack. He stiched a heavy, leather hood under the collar to protect his head from the sun. Under the coat, he wears a plain, white vest and a suede tool-kit/ammo belt. His trousers and foot-wear and stolen from a drunken soldier he found in a small settlement between Cornwall and London. He wears a pair of sand-scratched aviation goggles to protect his eyes from the constant sand-storms and a military respirator with the filter canister attached to his belt.

Background: Born in a small farming settlement near Cornwall, Francis always showed and aptitude with machines, repairing the family Half-track/Tractor at the age of 15. He was recruited by the Stonehenge Atrium military to be a combat mechanic at the age of 17. He accepted and was put straight on the front lines after 7 weeks of training. 3 years passed and after his platoon was wiped out, he went A.W.O.L.. He spent 6 years under the service of the Ironsides until he considered their actions as acts of terrorism. Since then, he had wondered the wastelands, assisting those who need his help, for a small fee of course...

Steam and Sand

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