Father Thomas Barron

From Brass Goggles

A young Catholic priest Tom Barron became a Missionary to the natives, crossed a terrible line in his attempts at empathy by indulging in their "Dream ritual". The powerful psychoactive ripped his sanity, soul and mind apart. The fragmented man slowly but surely broke all his vows and certain Incan children now bear Western features...

Slowly coming round over the post-ritual months Tom Barron is no more a new personality of "Tombar" is emerging from his ravaged mind. A man who is both the Priest and the new Shaman of the Incan tribe; versed in Bell book and Candle as well as Incan rituals and rites. A small part of him wonders if this is a terrible dream and he will wake up back in his bed in Harrogate. But then he sees a number of figures emerging from the undergrowth... Will an expert in mesmerism be able to rationalise the new mind? Will Tombar enact a terrible revenge on all interlopers? Is the mad anthropologist keeping him as a 'Control' subject or does he have something altogether more terrible in mind...?

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