Emmeline Finnegan

From Brass Goggles

Emmeline, a redheaded woman with an array of smears and cuts on her face due to wear and tear, led a nice and happy life in England, up until the part where her husband cheated on her with the harlot who lived downstairs in the townhouse next door. Feeling only a bit of gratification at the fact that her husband had been turned into a werewolf by the same harlot, Emmeline was still absolutely furious, vowing to seek revenge on her husband using primarily vulgar words and a large blunderbuss. Maintaining income by being a seamstress in her house during the day, Emmeline goes out at night, searching for her ex-lover, ready to give him an angry talking-to, as well as several crippling blows to the head. You know what they say about a woman scorned.

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