Elke Döring

From Brass Goggles

Of German descent, El has always been fascinated by things of nature. She grew up traveling with her father who was an ambassador and, thus, learned many trades from people around the world. She has learned bits of sewing, negotiation, and machinery, but unfortunately never had a great talent for any of them. She found her true calling in observation and problem solving as well as cooking.

After finding his daughter with no talent for negotiation, El's father sent her to a school to learn sewing and cooking. With no penchant for sewing, El took off and began studying botany and biology, where she also picked up the rather nasty habit of cursing in a rather unladylike manner under her breath. She wanted to further study animals abroad and so found herself a room aboard the HMS Ziggurat with a small glider to study exotic flora and fauna. . .in exchange for cooking services. She has taken to keeping specimen collection jars in her pockets for plants and spices that she may find useful to cook with and also a small field journal to record her findings. She happened to be docking her glider when the Ziggurat crashed on the island and was promptly captured after stumbling from the wreckage cursing quite heavily.

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