Eastern Star

From Brass Goggles

The Eastern Star was the ship of the devious Capt.Hieronymus Black and his pirate crew. Emmaline Lighton served on this ship before escaping to the APF Bohème. The Star persued the Boheme from Cairo to China and back to London, following the Boheme over the Atlantic and nearly capturing Emma on many occaisons. Black finally managed to catch Emma in Florida, moving the Eastern Star to New Orleans. There, however, he came under attack by Emma's steadfast friends and Black was killed by Emma. Elisha Kettell killed most of the crew and flooded the Star's docking place on the ground, Jennifer Sheenan slashed the Star's gasbags and a device set by Emma set fire to the engine room. An explosion ripped massive holes in the Star and it sank into the Louisiana Swamp, taking the bodies of it's crew with it.

The Star's deeds can be found in Steam London

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