Difference Engineer

From Brass Goggles

Given name: Bryce A. Lynch

Username: Difference Engineer

Gender: Such a binary concept...

Profession: Time traveling jack-of-all-trades, specialising in numerical and lexicographical computation engines.

Cover: Information security professional operating between the years 2000che and 2012che, with periodic trips elsewhen for fun, excitement, and augmentation of cashflow and/or personal library.

Transportation: Heavily customised class IV timecraft, callsign Aethyrjammer.

Likes: Music, books, sunlight, dark clothing, cuddling, long walks in the woods, temporal anomalies, computers, writing, history, thelema, Saloncon, coding, solving interesting problems, HacDC.

Dislikes: Lousy coffee, fast food, boring music, wearing the same thing all the time, boredom.

Interests: Chemistry, metal working, electronics, reading, writing, alternative spiritual paths, swordplay, meditation, transhumanism, programming, hacking, wireless communication, surreal pranks, photography, role playing games, applied aethyr science, practical alchemy.

Homepage: Antarctica Starts Here.

Card catalogue: My LibraryThing

Link collection: del.icio.us

PGP key: 0x807B17C1 / 7960 1CDC 85C9 0B63 8D9F DD89 3BD8 FF2B 807B 17C1

Taste in music: Questionable.

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