Dalgranzo Gelt

From Brass Goggles

Name : Dalgranzo Gelt

Age : 21

Nationality (place of birth) : Kensil Rise, North London

Physical appearance : A tall lithe figure that doesn't betray a strong core fitness earned from working in Railway unloading yards. He appears to have a constant amount of stubble on his face. Often wearing his modified work overalls but does have some smarter attire when required.

Profession / job title (if any) Until very recently Dalgranzo worked as a regular railyard worker. Hard, and mostly honest, work. The steam trains and consignments he dealt with intrigued him. Ever curious he began snooping around some of the more interesting stuff and this led him to being fired. Currently unemployed he is looking to travel.

Biography : (optional) Born Frank Smith into a regular working class family Dalgranzo always had a thirst for knowledge and to rise up. This led to him changing his name at 15. School was dull for Dalgranzo, he struggled to concentrate and would rather be tinkering in the run down machine workshop. At 16 he was sent to tradeschool and was apprenticed to the foreman of the yard. Throughout this time he was eager to learn and partook in numerous adventures. At 18 he began working full time putting the money to his travel fund...

Dalgranzo's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London

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