Comic-Con 2008

From Brass Goggles

Comic-Con 2008 will be held on July 24-27.

[edit] Events

Steampunk Meet Up

There will be an official steampunk meet up at the convention center on Saturday from noon to 1pm. Please join us as we converse upon the wonders of steam, brass, and clockwork. It shall be an informal meet and greet as we discuss fiction, movies, television, graphic novels, and other medias of the steampunk nature. We shall also talk of the finer points of;

  • 1. Steampunk costuming for both convention use and everyday use.
  • 2. Tips on steampunking your everyday objects.
  • 3. Talk of steampunk games, music, and culture.

Location of the meet up will be at Room 24A. At the top of the escalators by Hall E, turn left and it's one of the first rooms.

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Party at Anachronist's House

On Friday during Comic-Con Anachronist will be hosting a party for friends, steampunkers, and forum posters.

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