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Name: John Talbot

Age: 31

Origin/History: British, born in Cumbria and groomed for a life as an officer in the military, fell into bad dept at the Hellfire Club and fell from favour with family and friends vanished for a long while and re-emerged a new man.

Occupation: Aide to the Royal Society's Special Research Office

Cover Occupation: Occultist and Captain in the Royal Intelligence Corps

Skills: Fine Swordsman and marksman, able to read and speak, German, French, Polish, Russian, Able to Speak Egyptian, skills at picking locks and getting himself out of scraps, seems to have innate ability to read peoples intentions some find this skill most disturbing.

Weaponry (2 to 3 only, please): a Mauser Zig-Zag hinge frame, concealed sword cane of ivory and silver the blade is almost the full length of the cane and it always kept razor sharp, is also known to carry a number of bludgeoning weapons such as knuckle dusters and clubs when needed.

Equipment: Usually dresses in a simple suit of a Aide but is more comfortable and practical clothing of a military man, Keeps all his effects in a kit bag, always carries a bible and a book of black paper bound together, keeps a tarot deck in the inside pocket of his jacket, a silver pocket watch bearing a fully inscribed pentagram.

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