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Brassgoggles: a forum & blog dedicated to the lighter side of steampunk.

Brassgoggles may be found here

[edit] History

Brassgoggles was created by Tinkergirl in Feb 2007 and since has flourished & become one of the most vibrant, well mannered & legible places on the internet.

[edit] Outage history: going off air

From sept 2008 to december 2008 there were there were problems with outages, however these problems were overcome. The problems had started as BrassGoggles had outgrown its initial bandwith alocation, and was starting to eat it up from other websites. As such it was forced to go off air; leading to the creation of sparegoggles to keep people updated on the progress. However the problem was overcome mainly due to the changing of server and host.

[edit] Timeline of Primary Admins

Primary admins are the main carers, gatekeepers and holders of keys to BG -each brining their own unique flavour and style to the BG dynasty.

The 1st admin was The Grand æthersmith of Brassgoggles; Tinkergirl

The 2nd was OSM -full name Outa Space Man

The 3rd (and current) Is S.Sprocket

--note-- the last edit (the one with the ip adress) was done mostly from memory- so someone might want to check the dates

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