Brass Goggles on World of Warcraft

From Brass Goggles

A bunch of us thought it'd be fun to reroll and form a Brass Goggles guild, seeing as Wrath of the Lich King is being released soon.

If you'd like to participate, edit this page and leave your Brass Goggles / Spare Goggles username on the list.

We are rolling Alliance on the Steamwheedle Cartel server! Come an' join us!

People Interested in Rerolling / Character Names / Race & Class

Captain McCannon - Rockett - Gnome Rogue

The V.A.P. - Vapeur - Human Paladin

Captain Brandsson

Kitten Brigadier - Krisuvial - Draenei Priest

CaptainPhania - Novexis - Human Rogue

Mr. Fenn - Fenngineer - Dwarf Hunter


Dr. Oliver Cross


Adelaide Braun

Captain Blackstone - Brunel - Gnome Warlock


Gomez Darkholm - DaDoktor - Dwarf Hunter

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