Brass Goggles (airship)

From Brass Goggles

HMAS "Brass Goggles" is currently the world's largest airship, taking a course all around the world. Indeed, the airship has never landed (well, except for a the disasterous Crash) and is a fully functional self-contained community. On board can be found the best and largest assortment of writers, professors, tailors, chefs, adventurers, mad sceintists, military men, tinkerers , musicians, filmmakers, engineers, assorted crazies and general troublemakers in the world. The airship has every sort of convience possible, exceeding that of the most opulent cruise ship, and is piloted by some of the best in the business.

Recently, the world was shocked to learn that the "Brass Goggles" had mysteriously dissapeared. It was found later that the airship had crashed on a remote island, but that the survivors had kept together and used the salvaged equipement to set up a rudimentary colony. Eventually, with the help of the amazing engineers, the airship was repaired and is still flying to this day.

(Also see BrassGoggles)

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