Benjamin Babbage

From Brass Goggles

Name: Benjamin Babbage

Age: 24

Occupation: Scavenger/ consultant/ Last scholar in England.

Appearance: Black scruffy hair, blue eyes, slightly shorter than average. Usually wears practical travelling clothes with lots of pockets. Always carries a backpack that contains three large books that he never lets out of his sight. Also carries a long bolt action rifle sporting a large sniper scope with which he is a crack shot with.

Biography: After the Event, Cambridge University was one of the few places that didn't seem to go mad. The staff and the people from the nearby village banded together behind the old walls of the university which made it into a virtual fortress.

That's where Benjamin grew up. His father was a professor before the Event and ensured that his son got a good education. Benjamin seemed to have a nearly perfect memory and excelled in nearly every field of study. There being few other children in the little community, Ben spend most of his time absorbed in the Library. And by the time he was 15 he had read most of the books contained there. When he wasn’t reading he would usually be tinkering with the machines, improving them with little ideas picked up in the books or testing out some experiment from the scientific papers.

Unfortunately the community could not sustain itself due to lack of supplies and near constant bandit attacks. Most people emigrated to the nearby, emerging power of Anglia. An unlucky few, including Benjamin’s father, were killed when the bandits finally overcame the defenses. They took what little supplies there where and burnt the entire library to the ground. Luckily Benjamin had escaped with three of his favourite books.

For the following six years Benjamin has been offering his services and know-how to scavengers from all over England. All the while looking for more books and knowledge.

Most recently he has found hints of something very valuable just waiting for the taking.

Steam and Sand

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