Beatrice Rayburn

From Brass Goggles

Name : Professor Beatrice Rayburn Age : 40 Nationality (place of birth) : Oxford, England Physical appearance : Beatrice is tall and thin, even appearing frail from too much work and too little sleep. She has very little in the way of physical strength, but so far that shortcoming has not been too much of a problem. She has thick black hair that is lightly streaked with gray, and her green eyes usually look a bit dull and tired. Batrice dresses verey plainly, and usually wears more masculine clothing when working in the lab. Profession / job title (if any): kind hearted mad scientist, of the biologist persuasion Biography : (optional)

Beatrice was born into a wealthy upper class family, and knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue scientific study. For most of here life, Beatrice also held a large amount of pity for less fortunate human beings. She always thought it was practically unjust how so many starved while her own family had just about everything they wanted. A few years after she graduated from university, her parents died, and it was not long before she sold everything she inherited and used the money to donate to charities and fund her own research. Ever since, Beatrice has lived a very modest lifestyle and tried to focus her own experiments on things that might help humanity as a whole move forward.

Beatrice's current activities can be found in Steam London

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