Airship Aurelia

From Brass Goggles

The Airship Aurelia is the vessel left to Nathanial O'Connail and his older brother Stephan Movila. They travel on the ship seeking the Celistial Gem that their mother hid somewhere in her travels. On the trip with them is Celia Johansen, Nate's fiancee, and Miu Tanaka, the niece of their family's servant and the woman Stephan is falling in love with.

Also: The Airship Aurelia is the crew on Steampunk Forum, of

           dman762000- captain
            sparrowlight- first officer/pilot
           Alex the Arcane- chief engineer/ mystic
           Taluria- ships docent/chief medical officer/ chef
           The Kilted Commodore- whepons officer/ battle commander

build: The Aurilia is a small vessel consisting of two decks. The upper deck consists of a bridge, five staterooms, a whepons locker, and a galley/med bay. The lower deck consists of a cargo bay and an engine room.

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