Abraham Inksmith

From Brass Goggles

Name: Abraham(Abe) Inksmith

Age: 31

Nationality: Alaskan

Physical appearance: Built like a block, and topping out at 5.4. Abe Inksmith is a holdover from the days of the Neanderthal. With sloping brow and undershot jaw, ol' Abe's not winning any beauty pageants. Brown eyes stare out from a face that seems slightly off, as if the left side had been crushed and only partially repaired. From ankle to wrist Abe is covered in tattoos, skulls and women, seprents and birds, roses, ships, and demons adorn his muscled frame. And not the showy sculpture of a gymnasium physique, no, we see the primal solidity of neo-lithic standing stones. Shapeless gray trousers, and coat of the same description provides an outer shell, covering a plain laborers shirt. Leather on the feet and wool on the head, once again in that same forgettable gray.

Profession: Former Sideshow triple-threat, Wildman, Snake Handler, Tattooist.

Biography: Born of a fur trapper from Brooklyn and the last daughter of a lost Neanderthal tribe, Abe had an idyllic childhood, frolicking in the Alaskan interior with his primitive cousins, learning the oldest ways of hunting and trapping. A bitter cold winter took that away in his 13th year, leaving only himself and an aged 'thal uncle left alive come spring. They struck south out of their lost valley, not stopping until they reached Seward, where they were hired on by The Beaugan Brother's Travelling Circus, as a Wildman Act. Abe developed a strong friendship with Zeke "The Human Canvas", the shows Tattooed Man, and sideshow tattooist. Soon Zeke taught Abe the secrets of the Indelible Art. A terrible barge accident took the lives of Zeke, the Beaugan Brothers, and about 97% of the Circus. Abes uncle died shortly after, from an ulcerated stomach. Abe then signed up with The Krutzczhack Carnival Sideshow, where he learned the secrets of Snake Handling, if it has no limbs, it listens to Abe. On the day of his 29th birthday, Abe decided to go to Europe, being in Mexico City at the time, it took a few years.

Abe's current activities and adventures can be found in Steam London

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