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The APF Boheme is an airship that is integral in the struggle against The Cold Ones. It is the main plot point of the Steam London game thread.

[edit] Crew

Captain Ben Hudson - The Captain of the Boheme. A quiet, reserved gentleman, but tough when it comes to protecting his ship. (NPC)

Emmaline Lighton - A brilliant inventor. Timid and kind, but has become more courageous and decisive as she has to fight to protect her friends. Is often targeted by the Cold Ones due to their want for her skill and plans, a pattern which goes back to her grandfather.

Professor George Lewestine - Professor turned insubstantial by an experiment and partner of Emma. Has a sarcastic wit, which he often turns against Patrick, but is caring inside. (NPC)

Patrick O'landry - Impulsive, brave, reckless and humourous engineer. Created the construct Cain to replace the villainous brother he killed. Is a practitioner of the art of Technomancy.

Thomas William Taylor the Third - (Trip) A friendly, charismatic and intelligent, but slightly less than honest, inventor. Has begun to question past actions after starting a relationship with Emma. Has a mechanical eye, after losing the original in the recent adventures in Switzerland.

Elisha Kettell - Quiet and composed privateer and part-time navigator. Polite, but not the best people-person. Has to wear a gashelm while fighting due to lung injury. Left forearm, left leg and right foot (as well as last two fingers on his right hand) are mechanical replacements.

Jennifer Sheenan - Loving and kind master of healing magic, but with a developing adventerous streak. Has a tight relationship with Patrick. Is concerned her use of magic is transforming her into something else...

Cain - Helpful and proper construct created by Patrick. Sometimes uneasy about his origin, but is fueled by his open love for Angel. (NPC)

Eleanor Jane Townsend-Armistead - Young doctor pulled onto the Boheme by accident. Kind, with a quick wit, but has some self-doubt and harbours unvoiced feelings for Elisha.

Angel - Playful, joyous and childlike construct discovered by the crew. Has an open love for Cain and for most living things, but is also a powerful ancient weapon. (NPC)

Jaisen Santiago Dreyfuss - A veteran adventurer, older than most of the crew. Is a stanch ally and a congenial person, as well as tough, despite being plagued by self-doubt and guilt over the fate of an airship he captained.

Ship Animals

-Scraps, mechanical dog

-Sweets, cat with minor Cold One grafts

Important Areas Steering Room, Cabins, Galley, Lounge, Storage, Cargo Hold, Engine Room

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