3. For Queen and Country

From Brass Goggles

Covert Ops in Russia

Events in the Story: 1. Opening Scenes

  Rourke's celebratory Pub Brawl
  Starling's Misadventures; Thomas' Advent

2. Flight to a Nondescript House

  Secret Missions: You are Germans
  The Chiropteric Visitor

3. The operatives Filter In

4. Departure

5. Germans and Parsifals

6. The Factory and Disembarkation

7. First charges

8. Juggernaut!

9. Hide and Seek

10. Busting the Boilers and

   Bringing the House Down

11. Joe's Capture

12. Escape

   Where's Joe?
   Three-Way Duel
   Luck of the Marigold

13. The Turnaround

   "I Don't Leave 'Em."

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