2nd Lieutenant Hannibal Rourke

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Name: 2nd Lieutenant Hannibal Rourke

Age: 45

Origin: British; born in London's East End, son of a Nerry Rourke, proprietress of an Eastcheap brothel. Raised rough in the streets. Joined up in 1863 to escape a contrived charge of murder, arranged by his would-be fiancee's father.

Occupation: Served in the Zulu War of 1879, distinguished himself at Ulundi under one Colonel Piggot-Steng, an Army Intelligence officer. Has since worked closely with elements of Her Majesty's Air Service as an infiltration and 'special operations' expert, including various escort details for supposedly 'humanitarian' expeditions. Military leader of the Operation.

Cover Occupation: Military Liaison with the British Health Ministry's mission to render aid in response to the Dagger's request for "medical support."

Skills: hand-to hand combat, able to use almost any weapon, or use almost anything as a weapon. very skilled in covert and 'sneaky' (his word) operations. Also skilled at triage and wound care. Is familiar with Treadstone's past tactics, and with the current mysterious 'plague.'

Weaponry (2 to 3 only, please): Service revolver; NCO sword; blackjack.

Equipment: Field Medic kit, weaponry, Standard uniform w/ sword harness, Air Service goggles and ammunition bandolier, various devices obtained at various times eithe rfrom teh ship or through command and/or suppluy channels. Is sometimes ordered to use new or odd weaponry.

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