2. Mainsprings and Mummies

From Brass Goggles

The Marigold conducts operations in the Sudanese Desert and at the Pyramids of the Nubian Pharaohs at Gebel Barkal.

1.Messages Sent and Received

2. Reunion at Gibraltar

3. Briefing Aboard Ship

4. Running Amok in Cairo

5. The Greenies in teh Streets

  - a well-meaning amateur

6. The Warehouse

  May Lee
  Starling's Aunt
  Accosting Rourke

7. The Artemis Demise

8. Roaring up the Blue Nile

9. Assault on Treadstone's Camp

10. Springing the Traps

11. The Necropolis Arises

12. In the Pyramid

   May Lee again

13. Handthorpe's Unholy Rebirth

14.May Lee


15. Treasure Room Fight

   The Floor Drops Away
   The Priest and His Wife
   Implosion into Starling

16. Synopsis and High Altitude Travel

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