1st Lieutenant Joseph Rooney

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Name: Joseph "Joe" Alfred Rooney

Age: 21

Origin: Lower-middle class Anglo-American. Born in Manchester but raised in Boston from the age of 3 onwards where his father made a decent amount of wealth from investment in construction projects. Moved back to England himself with a long-time girlfriend at the age of 19 on her fathers orders where she died of an illness not revealed to Joe.

Occupation: Experimental Weapons and Combat-Assisting Devices tester

Cover Occupation: Medical Student

Skills: Excellent at 'quick-fix' solutions when things malfunction in a life-threatening way. Aside from that he has no particular mechanical knowledge. He has some basic medical skill that extends a little way beyond first-aid but is otherwise untrained and unskilled.

Weaponry: Experimental 'bolt bullet' carbine (fires bullets that administer a strong electric shock upon impact), Revolver, Dagger.

Equipment: Steam-Propelled Personal Flight and Manoeuvring Suit (a 'wing' backpack that allows him to fly for approximately 3 hours before refuelling is needed. Compacts for easy carrying and storage), Optical Enhancement and Assistance Device (a small lens on his right eye that allows him to see through clouds and other similar mediums). Has various other experimental devices he uses when necessary but the above two he carries most of the time.

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