1. The Tablet and the Dagger

From Brass Goggles

The Tablet and The Dagger

The Events of the Story: 1. Establishment of series premise

2. Introduction of Characters

3. Briefing Session

  A. The Threat: Treadstone and the Nirgalian Plot
  B. The Disease: Advent of Greenmouth Catatonia
  C. The Metaphysical Solution

2. The Mission

3. Riding the Storm Out

  A. Encounter with derelict patrol ship
  B. Rooney's departure via flying suit
  C. The Nirgalian Dagger is sighted

4. Docking and Initial Zedfight

5. Handthorpe's Entrance

6. The Thronehall

7. 90-Degree Turnover

8. The Tablet

9. The Dagger

10. Fighting Free


12. Dagger's Fall

13. Synopsis, and Handthorpe's Escape.

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