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Bannus Van der Kloot (September 1, 1991-present) is a current member of the Blank Club. Bannus is one of two members/affiliated people of the blank club that does not ride Bus 14.


From Humble Beginnings

Bannus moved to Falmouth in 3rd grade, and was strategically placed in Evan Pryzant's class. They became friends.

A Creature is Born

Nothing notable happened until 6th grade, when, taking oppotunity of Brad Barbour's absence, he scribbled a "being" on Brad's notes. This "being" became known as Creature, and since been the official emblem of the Blank Club. Because Creature was, and is, such a powerful symbol, there was a heated legal debate over the rights.

The TIA and the Bling Wars

Tim Myers walked up to Bannus one day later in 6th grade and handed him an ID card. These cards set off the persecution known as the The Great Bling War. Bannus was lucky enouth to survive, but still bears war wounds to this day. The hatred and violence Bannus faced in the war, however, did not deter his joining of the Blank Club, two years later.


Bannus was inducted to the Blank Club at Springy Thingy '05.

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