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This encyclopedia was started December 5, 2005

This website is the follow up project to the original Blank Club Encyclopedia demo and the Blank Club pbwiki. Our mission is to preserve Blank Club lore and provide an easy, accesible way to store Blank Club history. New people to the B.C.E should go here, unless they are an idiot. In that case, they should go here. Currently, Evan Pryzant is heading and administating this wiki and the new project. Head (and only) moderaters are Dr. D, Bannus Van der Kloot, and General Subwoofer.


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Nightly Update

11-25-07 Nightly update... over ONE YEAR LATER! WHOAMG! Anyway, to anyone who comes on in the next year, we have currently finished Around, Arunod, and Arundo VII, and it is probably the best one yet. And hey, we just finished filming Around, Arunod, and Arundo X! Coolness! If there are anymore updates, they will probably regard Arundo movies, because this is basically the last and greatest Blank project still around. Don't feel sad, because it's still in full swing ever since the Arundo depression that took place from Around, Arunod, and Arundo V and Around, Arunod, and Arundo VI. Upcoming events include the epically planned double feature of Arundo VIII, and Arundo IX which will be our mob/ spy thriller event of the season featuring the much acclaimed Simone, and Arundo X, the epic feature film that includes zombie killing, and we have begun work on. Ambitious? Yes, but I'm confident we'll do it, and more. We've already made almost 8 episodes! Anyway, over and out, Blank Club.

11-10-06 Alternate universe in full swing and taking all of blank effort. Please could someone make a Color Club article including all the color club character? Thanks.

9-21-06 (GS) Blankquote is in full swing (finally...), so go and work on it. We still need more quotes. by the way, I've almost finished Chapter 1 of The Epic Poem. So very exciting

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  • The first class meeting crashed and burned. So very sad.
  • The 3rd Battle of the Watershed was a complete success. One of our best battles ever.

Did you know...

<p style="font-size:75%">From BCE's Newest Articles

...that the Department of Censorship really does want the best for you?

...that the Mercenary Guild is often called a hotbed of treachery and corruption?

...that Council Crusaders: The Next Generation topped the ratings YET AGAIN last friday?

...that Reid Pryzant may or may not be awesome?

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