Therapist Trey

From Best Pants Ever

1 | Those Purple Sheep Keep Invading My Dreams! I’m Too Scared To Sleep Now
2 | I Loved Her, But She Loved My Dad! And My Dad, Well Let’s Not Go There!
3 | My Mother-In-Law Hates My Guts, And It’s Literal
4 | When I Was A Young Boy, All I Ate Was Lint
5 | I Remember Back In The 5th Grade, My Teacher, Mr. Wiley, Always Hit Me
6 | I Was Like, No! But I Was Like, Uh, Yeah…
7 | Please Be On Your Best Behavior Today…I Never Listened Each Day
8 | I Got A Spanking For Making Noise At A Horn-Testing Factory
9 | I Showed Her Around Town, My Bad Though Was Telling Her She Was The Town
10 | Understand That What I Have To Say…Is A Lot Of Boring Words
11 | I Picked Up A Large Silver Penny Only To Realize It Was A Half-Dollar
12 | Mittens Was A Clumsy Cat, Always Chasing Mailmen…
13 | I Came To See You After That Incident At Victoria’s Secret
14 | As I Fell Up The Stairs I Wondered…HOW ON EARTH IS THIS POSSIBLE?
15 | So Here I Am, Sorting Through The Garbage When I Get Taken Out
16 | I Wrote Her A Letter, She Replied “All You Wrote Was “A Letter””…Like, Duh!
17 | After I Became Brain Dead…By The Way Don’t Ask Me How I Remember This
18 | I Watched Those Kids Play Football, Strange Though, The Ball Was Spherical
19 | I Fell In Love With Another Girl, Coincidentally, It Was The Same One I Was Dating
20 | Therapist Trey’s Therapy 101

21 | I Asked For Change, I Got Shoved, She Asked For Change, She Got Billions
22 | He Had Nothing On Me! But I Had Something On Him…Sadly, My Blood
23 | I Was Recalling The Time I Went To Sea World, I Instead Saw The World
24 | Do You Have A Snack Machine? Cause I Could Really Go For Some Soda
25 | Understand That I Need Help, And That Is Why You’ll Help Me…Tie My Shoe…
26 | So This Girl I’m Dating, I Literally Dated Her, With Three Of The Same Number…
27 | Life For Me Is A Puzzle, I Solve It And Still Have No Idea What It Means
28 | A Message In A Bottle I Found Read “What Was The Code For Needing Help?”
29 | Here I Was At The Arcade, Died In My Game, But I Really Have A Halo…
30 | When I Woke Up I Went And Got Breakfast…It Was 8:00 PM
31 | I Just Want Peace In My Life, Instead I Got Pieces
32 | It Was One Question…One Question! And I Sadly Asked “Can You Pay For This?”
33 | My Parents Were Alcoholics…Even My Parakeet Drank!
34 | I Reunited With My Long-Lost Brother…It Was Like I Never Lost Him…The Dweeb…
35 | She Was Everything I Wanted…Aside From Money, A Car, Season Tickets…
36 | Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, But If That’s The Case, Why Am I Feeling Angry?
37 | I’ve Been Such A Boy My Whole Life…I Still Play With Barbie Dolls…
38 | I Could’ve Sworn That Monk Looked At Me When He Started Laughing
39 | When I Was Age 0, I Remember…Hmm…This Might Take A While To Think About…
40 | Where Does A Therapist Go When He Needs Therapy?

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