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IL Notes

  • ALC's Daniel/DET and NLC's Brett/PIT will meet for the 3rd straight year, like in 2009, this meet will be in Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh 2009 Daniel won the series 2/3, in Detroit 2010 Brett swept the series
  • ALC's Ben/CLE and NLC's Brett/PIT will meet for the 3rd straight year, this time in Cleveland after Ben made a trip to Pittsburgh in '09 and '10. In Pittsburgh 2009 Ben won the series 2/3, in Pittsburgh 2010 Ben again won 2/3.
  • Naturally this time, ALW's Joe/TEX and NLE's Lawrence/FLA meet for the 2nd year in a row, this time in Arlington, Texas.
  • ALE's Brendon/TB and NLC's Emily/HOU meet for the 2nd straight year in Houston, Emily swept Brendon in Houston this year.
  • Due to the G20 Summit in Toronto, the series for Philadelphia and Toronto in Toronto was moved to Philadelphia, for '11, one more crack at sending Andrew/PHI to Olivia/TOR, who'll play her for the 3rd straight year. Also for the 3rd straight year Andrew represents away, Olivia represents home, and finally, for the 3rd straight year, they're each other's final IL opponents.
  • This'll be the 4th year in a row that Boston makes a trip to Philadelphia, for Andrew/PHI, the 4th straight year he'll host the girl representing Boston, which has changed every year.
  • Like in '10, for IL '11, Mara/MIL and Andrew/PHI will only play 1 guy from the AL.
  • ALC's Daniel/DET will play 4 of the same cities, 2 of the same players faught this year, with Brett/PIT already mentioned, Daniel/DET will re-welcome Arizona with it's new player Savanah, and for the 2nd year in a row play at NLW's Justin/LAD at his new Echo Park, and finally, Daniel played NLE's Chris in New York for the ALC/NLE pairing, ALC/ALW next year, but Daniel will welcome in New York with new player Ryan.
  • ALW's James/LAA will revisit '09 Grand Championship grounds with a series at NLE's Ryan/NYM, who took over for Chris who replaced an expelled Ian whom James defeated for the title that year.
  • ALC's Alex/CHW and NLE's Lacey/WSH will meet for the 2nd straight year, this time in Chicago. Lacey won 2/3 from Alex in 2010 at Washington D.C.
  • ALC's Alex/CHW and NLC's Brett/PIT will have no 2011 meet, for MLB marking an end to a 5-year-in-a-row meet.
  • Minus the players, James/LAA will play at Florida for the 1st time since he was in the NL in 2008, in which when he made his only visit of the season there, swept it for his 1st-career sweep against Florida each way. First visit to New York since his '09 Grand Championship. At home will play Atlanta and Washington, first games against those cities since an NL player in 2008 which James took 2/3 from Atlanta and swept Washington in San Diego.
  • Daniel/DET and James/LAA are the only visitors to Justin/LAD's place in LA, both of them went there in 2010, for James though on a traditional meet. Meaning the real only difference for Justin in IL are his 2 road trip locations.

Players who've IL series against their entire main targeted division

  • Savanah/ARZ and Lawrence/FLA are the only 2 in the NL (and all of ITT) who play an entire division in IL.
    • NLW's Savanah/ARZ plays all 5 of the ALC. @ Daniel/DET and Erika/KC, vs Alex/CHW, Amanda/MIN and Ben/CLE.
    • NLE's Lawrence/FLA plays all 4 of the ALW. @ Lindsay/OAK and Joe/TEX, vs James/LAA and Michelle/SEA.

Rematches from the last ALE/NLC, ALC/NLW and ALW/NLE meets

  • These matches include the prior pairings of 08 and any possible meets of 05-07 + 09-10 with only current players who existed then.


  • Jordan/BAL + Brett/PIT play at Pittsburgh, played in Baltimore in 2008 with Jordan smoking the zone in a 3G sweep. Won Game 1 10-2, Game 2 12-1 and Game 3 4-0.
  • Brendon/TB + Emily/HOU play at Houston for the 2nd straight year. Emily swept the series in 2010.
  • Olivia/TOR + Christie/STL play at St. Louis, played in Toronto in 2010 with Olivia sweeping the series.


  • Daniel/DET + Jessica/SF play at Detroit, played in San Francisco in 2008 with Jessica winning 2/3.
  • Daniel/DET + Justin/LAD play at Los Angeles for the 2nd straight year. In 2008 Daniel won 2/3 in Detroit. In 2010 Justin won 2/3 in Los Angeles.
  • Ben/CLE + Jessica/SF play at San Francisco, played in Cleveland in 2008 with Jessica winning 2/3.
  • Amanda/MIN + Justin/LAD play at Minnesota for the 2nd time since 2006. In 2005 Justin won 2/3 in Los Angeles. In 2006 in Minnesota, Amanda swept the series.
  • Alex/CHW + Justin/LAD play at Chicago for the 2nd time since 2009 which Justin won 2/3.
  • Erika/KC + Holly/COL play at Colorado, played in Kansas City in 2010 with Erika winning 2/3. Played together in the 2010 Grand Championship.


  • Joe/TEX + Andrew/PHI play at Philadelphia, played in Texas in 2008 with Andrew winning 2/3.
  • Joe/TEX + Lawrence/FLA play at Texas, played in Miami in 2010 with Lawrence sweeping the series.


  • IL in general, I'd like all AL vs AL + NL vs NL action to go back into play from the start of baseball up to 1996 when then only AL vs NL meets for MLB were the All-Star game and World Series, all the magic was taken from that.
  • James/LAA and Andrew/PHI will not have a 2011 meet for what would've been a much-anticipated and over-highly-wanted meet. James/LAA and Andrew/PHI are each other's only missed series among the whole targeted divisions. Andrew has 3/4 ALW minus James, James has 4/5 NLE minus Andrew. There's still the possibility they can meet though, and that's if they go to the Grand Championship in '11.

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