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How To Play (chatroom games)

  • 1st to 100: (2 Players) Using the code //roll-dice1-sides12 - Two players taking 1 turn at a time use it as if they're rolling 1 die of 12 sides. After the roll a score keeper tallies up that row. The first to score 100+ wins. If both players on the same roll enter 100 the highest # wins, if a tie keep rolling until the tie is broken.MUST BE PLAYED ON AIM

  • BEAT THAT: 2 players - One at a time using the code //roll-dice1-sides999. A player will roll. After their roll they say BEAT THAT...The next players roll...if the roll is higher than their opponents, they say BEAT THAT...if the result of the roll is lower than the last, opposing player receieves a point. Whoever scores that round will be the 1st roller in the next round. 1st to 10 points wins. However, if a 9-9 tie occurs, both players will keep going until one leads by 2 in which the game is over, so a 14-12 F score is possible if they stay tied to a 12-12 tie and one player scores the next 2. 3 Games are played to make 1 series...a player can go for 2/3 or a sweep...One person is the host, whomever that is, the opposing player acting as the visitor will always have at least the first roll to start the game. If the first roll of the round results in "999". Instead of "BEAT THAT".. "TIE THAT" takes place...if somehow tied, scoring is erased an you begin a brand new game.MUST BE PLAYED ON AIM

  • NON-CHATROOM GAME --- Deal Or No Deal - You're trying to win the ultimate prize of one million dollars! Chose the case you think has the million! When you have, you'll have to open cases, after certain amounts each round depending on what $ values you eliminate, you'll be given an offer. If you select "DEAL" you take what you won and you'll open the remaining cases to see if you'd be offereed better. If you select "NO DEAL" you'll continue your game. The only way to win the million is to go all the way! Smart playing is to know when to Deal as well, if you eliminate the low cases a lot your offers will be greater, but be careful, cause you could open a lot of higher valued cases and your offer could/will drop.

Deal Or No Deal Play-By-Play Blank

  • Guess The World/Hangman: 2-? people (2-4 recommended) play hangman or a word guessing that doesn't require killing fake people. If using 3-4 people, one at a time a person comes up with a word, when he or she is ready she let's everyone know how many letters there are by showing all the blanks in the game...(example: _ _ _ _). In a selected order the first player will guess, if he or she is correct the one in charge of the game must submit the word with the letter in it's place(s) that was guessed. (Player picks "E", _ _ _ E) If the person is wrong next player in line gets to chose. If 3 people are playing they all get 4 complete rounds, if 4 people are playing they all get 3 complete rounds. If the word is not guessed after all the turns are used, the one who came up with the word wins, reveals the word, and comes up with another one until it's solved and someone else takes over. (G A M E). Note: No hints in this game, it's to be played without a category.

  • Higher Of The 5: (2 Players) Using the code //roll-dice5-sides999 - Two players at a time play, where they roll for the opponent, but before they do both players must call positions (1-5) on where they think the higher # will be. So in example. Lawrence calls position 4. Then James calls position 2. James rolls 719 698 551 494 976, making Lawrence's # 494 for choosing position 4. Lawrence rolls 37 382 231 716 247 making James' # 382 for choosing position 2. Meaning Lawrence wins that roll 494-382. Lawrence keeps 494 while 382 is tossed away. This goes on 10 times. After the 10 rounds both players add their totals of winning rounds they won. Both players covert their total into $. Winner earning everything they've added and runner-up earning half of what he or she added up.MUST BE PLAYED ON AIM

  • The Middle #: (2 Players, 1 to play, 1 to roll) Using the code //roll-dice3-sides999 - One player rolls, before s/he rolls they predict what position # (1-3) they think is the middle ammount. Example: 239 949 679 -- The player would've hoped to pick position #3 as #1 is the lowest and #2 is the highest. The player have 1 chance to nail all 5, as each of his or her 5 chances builds up to a money prize they could win. After scoring the 1st, $1,000 is won. If a 2nd score an additional $4,000 is won for $5,000. If a 3rd score an additional $5,000 is won for $10,000. If a 4th score an additional $40,000 is won for $50,000. And if all 5 can be matched an additional $50,000 is won for a grand total of $100,000. Each time a miss happens 1 high ammount is deducted until after all 5 rounds are played. If the player misses all 5 no money is won. MUST BE PLAYED ON AIM

Alt #1: Predicting the actual middle # being in the middle itself, higher or lower than the rest

Alt #2: Predicting all spots....M = Middle, L = Low, H = High.....if the result is 246 633 462, you'd of hoped to predict L-H-M

  • The Picture Game: (At least 4 players for better play) If for your 1st time playing, select a judge. The judge will give the 3 players a topic for a picture to search for. The judge will also choose which of the 3 will be given the links to submit. When the Link Submitter submits the links, the judge will look over all 3 pictures, whichever picture the judge likes best, that person scores a point for their picture. The first one to have scored 3 points is the next judge and topic choose, 2nd place gains control of Link Submitter. If tied after the winner, Current judge gives only those two one more topic.
    • Version 2: After the first round whoever had scored the first point will submit two pictures for a 50% chance of scoring the next point. If they do they'll again submit two pictures, if not the person who scored the next point gets the next double picture submission.

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