BPE Christmas Party

From Best Pants Ever


Jessica and Kenneth are hosting a party, and NOBODY was invited! That’s right, it’s a 3-person party that includes their daughter Jamie. Can you believe it! Well, don’t , because it’s not true! Jess and Ken have invited a small number of friends to come and have fun. The party will be in two nights from 7pm to midnight.

That very two nights later at 5pm, while Jess and Ken set up games in the living area, Jamie is sneaking sweets off the food table. Ken pops in to ask Jamie what she’s doing, but all she does is give off a huge grin and trots her way to the living area. Ken notices a couple desert samples tampered with and removes the excess.

At 6:17pm, the first guest arrives, and it’s Mara. She brings in a couple games for the wii including her own controller as well as something in a bag. Jamie runs up to her for a big hug, but before Mara can wrap her arms around Jamie, she turns and runs off giggling. Mara proceeds to chase after her, catches her then lifts her up, Jamie still full of giggles. Mara sets her bag on the desert table, hinting that there’s something good In there.

Now 6:42pm, the second and third guests arrive. Ashley and James have arrived. Like Mara, James has brought his own wii remote for a fourth player. Ashley brought delectable rice crispy treats that she herself made. Jamie, who’d hidden in between paragraphs, sneaks one. Ashley notices, but doesn’t know what to do, so just ignores it, while Jamie smiles and giggles to her while munching. Not in the mood to want to play a game, Ken decides to sit out as Jess, Mara, Ashley and James prepare a game on the wii while they wait for two others to arrive.

The party is underway at 7pm with two people unaccounted for. Those two have arrived a few seconds past 7, they are Lawrence and Brenna. Both had parked on opposite sides, and where about 50 feet from the door. There was an idea that both would race, but both decided that they’d prefer to walk to the door than risk slipping on the ice. As both walk forward to greet, both slip on the ice. Suddenly, the race was a wish-have-done. Brenna rings the doorbell… nothing happens. She tries again… nothing happens. Decides to try one more time… nothing happens. Brenna then decides to text Jess to see why she’s not answering. Where’s Jessica’s phone? Nowhere near her. Brenna and Lawrence wait about five more minutes before finally deciding to knock on the door. Lawrence is the one to knock on the door, does it loud enough for someone to hear, but does anybody answer? No. Finally, he knocks one more time even harder. Finally, Mara from inside looks toward the door and out the window, and sees Brenna and Lawrence. She opens the door, now eye-to-eye with Brenna and Lawrence, Mara shouts “Wrong house, guys!” Brenna and Lawrence, embarrassed, make their way to Jess and Ken’s home.

Brenna and Lawrence moments later, shaking off their useless time outside, enjoy fellowship with the rest of the BPE team. They watch as Mara, Jessica, Ashley and James compete in Wii Party. The selected game is Board Game Island, which among the four, James is doing the best, but by the end of the game, Mara has won, James ends in fourth place while Jess just shy ahead of him, was left in the Volcano. To make room for those who waited, Jessica and James forfeit their remotes to Brenna and Lawrence. The next four, Brenna, Lawrence, Ashley and Mara compete in Bank Bonanza, which once again, Mara emerges the victor having come up with over 30,000 medals.

At 8pm, the group decide to take a gaming break to eat snacks, among the dishes is Jess’ shrimp platter which contains raw and fried shrimp. Jamie doesn’t seem too interested in it as she takes a piece, tries it and dislikes it. Brenna announces that she’d like people to dare to try some odd combinations, and for example, wants Jess to eat a piece of raw shrimp dipped in chocolate. Jess really doesn’t want to do that, though, so decides if she does that, Ken must eat a rice crispy treat dipped in ranch, which Ken doesn’t seem to mind as it’d probably be the least-likely combination to have a terrible reaction. To step things up, Ken says he’ll do that if Mara eats a chicken wing dipped in cherry sauce. Mara agrees as long as James eats a cherry-filled chocolate bite with jalapeno cheese dip. James cringes mostly on the cherry part, but will accept if Ashley eats both a cheddar potato bite dipped in caramel. Ashley puts her head down really disliking that idea and the fact she got involved in the chain, but if Lawrence eats a peanut butter cookie in ranch, she’ll do that. Finally, with one person unaccounted her who isn’t Jamie, Lawrence agrees to the cookie as long as Brenna drinks a mixture of soda and milk. Brenna says she doesn’t have to, but with that, everyone else says they don’t have to either. Brenna decides then to accept that, and on 3, when things are set, everyone proceeds their dare. In the end, only a couple react to their mix.

At 9pm, Jess decides to begin a few group games. The first is a gift-opening game where in a circle, you pass around a big wrapped-gift while music plays. Once the music stops, the person holding opens it. It will result in more paper and eventually a box where inside, is another box wrapped a few times in paper. The person to make the final unwrapping wins the item. Ken bought the gift without Jessica’s knowledge, so Ken plays the music while Jess joins in. Ken has his back turned so he wont know who it ends with. Many rounds are played and must wrapping paper everywhere. It’s Jessica who wins the item, which is a reindeer that poops chocolate jellybeans.

Time goes by as more games are played. Jamie is put to bed around 10:30pm. Before long it’s close to midnight as the group gets set to disband. Brenna is the first to go at 11:35pm, the only one to depart before midnight. At 12:08am, Lawrence, Ashley and James are next to go, leaving Mara as the final guest, who was also the first to arrive. Mara and Jess begin to talk about future plans while Ken goes to bed.

Jessica and Mara stay up to talk until 1:21am when Jessica finally gives in and can’t stay awake too much longer. Her and Mara hug as the night for them comes to an end. As Jess prepares for bed, she reflects on the fun night and looks forward to something in the future. When she gets upstairs, she happens to hear noises coming from Jamie’s room. She goes in to see Jamie playing around with a cellphone, but isn’t sure whose it is. She finally learns it’s James’. Jamie had taken it when nobody was paying attention. Jessica leaves him a facebook message to let him know. James since going to bed never realized he didn’t have it.

The next morning, James gets the message and goes back to get it.

A week later he receives some packages in the mail in his names, stuff he doesn’t believe he ordered. Before long, weeks later, he receives a bill for everything he ordered. He gets a look at the day and time he ordered, and learns it was between 10:45pm-12:30am on the night the BPE met for a Christmas party. Jamie had ordered various things with James’ phone!!

Watch where you keep your things, people!

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