051: Visiting the Relatives

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group ventured to Lexus of Northern Miami as Ken wanted to seek a new car. After a lengthy search, Ken found his car of choice, the 2013 CT Hybrid! The paper work is done, and Ken has a new car. Mara got to drive his rental car back.


Back at Holiday Inn over the phone, Ken and James complete the arrangements, that makes James the permanent owner of the RV. With that, James declares that he won the eating contest. Ken lets him believe it.

The BPE 7 head to Bayside Marketplace for lunch and while there, decide an activity for the afternoon. Mara believes to have found a very probable place, that would be a high potential of excitement for Jamie. She has found a placed called Zoo Miami, which like you'd think, is a zoo. Everyone in the group agrees, as it could definitely be excitement for Jamie.

At 1pm, the BPE make their way to Zoo Miami. Kenneth is driving his new car with family and Mara while James drives his rental car with Brenna and Ashley. James asks if they'll see any relatives there. Brenna says just his, and Ashley agrees. Of course, though, being a relative of his, rethinks her comment to say the other side of his family.

The BPE 7 arrive just after 1:30, with under 4 hours to look around. They enter at 1:40pm, then decide how they'll go about seeing the animals. It's decided they'll split up just so there's better pace for everyone to see things. The Messerolls and Mara go together while Brenna, Ashley and James team up. (The usual) They all agree to meet by the entrance around 5pm, so that they leave earlier before closing.

The Messeroll group begin south to go clockwise around while James' group will go counter-clock.

Lawrence is at a supermarket picking up groceries. While in the snack food section, his phone goes off. He gets a PM on Facebook. He reads it and discovers its Daisy! She has finally checked and replied his message, so he hears from her for the first time since they talked in Key West. Lawrence stops what he's doing to reply her. What do they talk about? I don't know, it's not my business. (Troll alert!) Lawrence is careful to conserve time though, as he's not just at the supermarket for himself. He still had to pick up a number of items and make one other errand before heading to work. Lawrence replies Daisy, puts his phone away and goes back to his errands. Another thing on his mind is what the BPE group is up to.

The Messeroll group are taking things slow, as it appears Jamie is really enjoying the zoo so far. She's excited by the different animals. She got to know an Addax, a type of antelope. She sees another animal that's far from lame, a Lemur. They continue until they find a feeding area, for parrots. Jamie seems to take notice of their colors and is fascinated by them.

Aside from the animals, another marvelous thing seen in the zoo is the plant life, which also have stories behind each one. Among them are some trees that the Messeroll clan is at. They've noticed the rainbow eucalyptus trees. A lot of vibrant colors that look like people just randomly splashed paint on them. It's one of the many things Jamie notices. The colorful parts of that tree is the bark, and it has a colorful bark, too! The trees are located in Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania.

James' clan venture to west. On their way they see a tree called a silk floss tree. James jokingly says it's how dental floss is made. While Ashley seems to like that one, Brenna says "keep trying".

The trio arrive near a dino pit. Brenna asks James if he'd like to jump in. James says "after you". Ashley laughs to Brenna's comment. Among one of the most beautiful birds noticed (by Ashley) is a male fairy blue bird. As he has, James continues to take endless pictures. How many does he have for the whole trip?

Next Adventure: The zooventure continues as the duel clans continue their routes. Will James take more pictures in one day at the zoo than the lifetime total already taken there?

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 17th, 2013 (April 16th to BPE)

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