049: Twelve to Snap

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the (very late) UNO tournament got underway, as many impressive matches were played. Brenna played 4 Wild Draw 4s as her final 4 turns to get win #5 to advance to Round 2. In the BPE-less Red Division, Jack swept the table winning all 5 matches it would see. Only a few first round games remain.


Remember that max of 17 games thing? Well, Round 1 has that, and it happens to be Lawrence’s table. All 4 of them have 4 victories, with a guy named Raymond winning the 16th to have the 4-4-4-4 tie. The 17th and final game of their table begins. By the end, Raymond plays his Yellow 6 and is declared the table’s winner. Lawrence is happy to have gotten to replace someone who left in the very least, and is more than satisfied with the loss, having all that great gameplay.

Not read of, both Jessica and Mara won their tables to advance to Round 2. In the BPE, all the girls and James advanced, and only James knew Lawrence was there. After the Round 2 players are seated, it’s time to begin the round! Of the notable matches. Jessica and Brenna are opponents for their round, and seated next to each other, which could make for some awesome fun. Kenneth appears to like it. Brenna asks Ken to kindly root for her. Ken says “no”, but Jamie yells “yaaayyy!”. Jess turns to her and says “Jamie! You’re supposed to root for me!” Jamie giggles.

In what can be only thought of as pure luck, Jack the Mack does the unthinkable and ends up sweeping his table yet again, winning all hands he’s played, 10 of them. James gets wind and now gets fired up. By the time the round is over, it’s James who moves on.

Round 2 eventually comes to an end. Ashley and Mara were unsuccessful in round 2 as both were eliminated. Jessica and Brenna had a 50% chance for a BPE member to advance, and it happened, in Jessica’s favor. Only Jessica and James for the BPE went to Round 3, which was one away from the finals. These were the color finals, winners of each colored division met up for the best of each color. James had a tough opponent in Yuri Kalashnikov, who was no Jack, but really had good cards that helped him win really good hands. He ended 5 of the 10 with a wild card.

Round 3’s best-of-color began. For the Red Division’s final game, it was 3 vs. Jack. Jack concentrated like he had in the first 2 games, seeking to win 15 in a row to the finals, as for that? Well… it happened. Jack blew the crowd by storm to win 15 in a row to the finals. James was now desperate to get into that game with him and end his reign, so was a guy named Nickos Zarkogiannis, who was tired of Jack’s bragging. The Purple Division, all female, just shook their heads and concentrated on what was in front of them.

The Blue Division was the last to claim a winner. On Dine won Purple 5-4-0-0, which left James as the only BPE member remaining. James victorious as the Green Champ with a 5-4-0-0 win, defeating Yuri who had the other 4. Finally, in Blue, it was Nickos Z to win it. Now, both Nickos and James would seek to shut Jack up. On Dine was intent on keeping the peace.

Finally, the finals began. Nickos Zarkogiannis of the Blue, James Bondy of the Green, Jack the Mack of the Red, and On Dine of the Purple were those 4 who got to play on center stage. The BPE group who met up with Lawrence, surrounded James’ Green Seat to cheer him on. Jack the Mack had the best crowd of them all. On Dine had the weakest, but the most females. Hands 1 and 2 were won by Jack the Mack, whose winning streak reached 12. There wasn’t much Nickos could do, as James and On Dine sat next to Jack.

Finally, a barrier was broken, as Jack was laid to rest his winning streak. Nickos won Hand #3. To James, a well-fought win. Even Jack showed a grin as he shook Nickos’ hand. There was now an understanding, and it was time to see who’d win the grand prize!

What would become the final hand was played. James had 5 action cards while On Dine and Jack the Mack seemed to have the best cards to play. All of them enjoyed each match like it was their last, and when it was over, Nickos Zarkogiannis was the champion. Jack in 2nd, On Dine in 3rd, James in 4th.

Next Adventure: Day 7 enters for the BPE, and Ken has decided to actually buy a car while in Miami. Will he find what he’s looking for? Also, will a couple BPE members stay out of trouble at the car dealership?

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 14th, 2013

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