048: A Wild Ending

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group learned of a late UNO tournament taking place and decided to try and enter it. All 6 of them made it out of 256 seats! Who’ll be the winner, and what’s the grand prize?


The UNO Tournament has been underway now for a while, with many good games going on. Remarkably, all 6 members of the BPE partaking in the tournament have won their first rounds, and need a somewhat exhausting 4 more to advance. The maximum of games that each table would see is 17, that’s only if all 4 players have won 4 sets, which the 17th one determines who wins the 5th. Many people have wondered along with the late start the tournament, why they’d drag each round out to someone needing 5 victories.

In a surprise, Lawrence has appeared to the park (in his work suit) after failing to get a response from the rooms. Lucky for him, they’re at the park. Only problem is they’re spread out, so he may have trouble finding them. However, James notices him and calls him over, explaining the details to Lawrence, who wishes to have arrived in time to enter, but will settle on watching. Lawrence is informed of where the others are, and before he can go to visit, an official asks if he’d like to replace someone who left. None of those whose names weren’t called where there to hear, so there were no complaints from them. Lawrence was even safe from complaints for those who were playing, as they didn’t care, since they were already in it, they just wanted an extra person, and nobody was walking around watching. So with that, Lawrence takes over at Green Division, Section 1, Table 2, Seat 1. James being 2 sections over, wouldn’t play Lawrence unless both won 10 sets. Not an easy task, but they believed they could do it.

Over in Red Section, The first table of the night has claimed a winner. It’s Jack (the Mack), who completed a clean sweep of his table with 5 wins, leaving his opponents all without one. James is happy he avoided Red Division, as now he’d have to possibly play Jack only in the final round. Suddenly, Jack looks right over at James, as if Jack knew James was talking about him. James then concentrates on his game.

One of Ashley’s opponents is a former Navy man and current truck driver for the National Guard. Both the guy (Christopher) and Ashley are playing their best UNO, leaving both opponents hungry, despite they both have at least 1 hand won. Ken is playing against 2 similar names, Tonia and Tania. Tonia is leading that table. Ken with 2 hands won. Tania leading with 4. James more than having fun as he leads his table 3-1-0-0. James’ secret techniques are coming in his favor, and is hoping his opponents don’t find him out.

Over in the Purple sector, the BPE female trio of Jessica, Mara and Brenna are also playing well. Brenna thought she’d be bored with this, but is having fun. At this point, her table is beginning their 8th hand, with Brenna leading 4-2-1-0. The deck is shuffled a few times by their section’s watcher. The cards are dealt, and Brenna cannot believe her hand. In a huge twist of fate, Brenna has all 4 Wild Draw 4 cards for herself! Brenna makes sure not to make any notions or smirks, and doesn’t, as she kept a straight face the whole time. Her opponents basically have no chance of winning.

One BPE member’s table is finished, as Tonia wins her table, which had Kenneth in it. Ken only won 3 hands, so his night of UNO is over. Ken takes a walk to check out Jessica’s playing and to help her watch Jamie. On his way, he can see Ashley getting high-fives, as she became the winner of her table! Ashley won 5-4-2-2. Ken played 2 less games, and it took longer than Ashley’s table playing 13.

James won his table 5-3-1-0. Like Ashley, found his seat for Round 2. The BPE girls of Purple Division were also all close to getting it, especially Brenna, who again I say, remarkably, has played her other 3 cards first, having her +4s for last. In four consecutive turns, Brenna knocks the socks off the girls as she wins her table that way. Her opponent Julianna was left with 19 cards, as there’d been no reverses played. To this point, Julianna has had the worst lost in a hand.

This tournament is getting good!

Next Adventure: The UNO Tournament will reach and play the final round. Who’ll be the four competing in it? Also… um… kittens.

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 13th, 2013

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