047: The UNO Tournament

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Ken got a wish come true as two brothers invited him to fish with them. Between two areas they tried, none of them were successful. Ken though was just happy to have been able to do this and feels like he accomplished something. Maybe next time, though, a catch!


The Messerolls make their way back to Bayfront Park as they’re greeted by a group of people who plan to start an UNO Tournament as late at 7:00pm. Now, this seems really rushed and sudden as you’d think more time would be needed to start up such an event. However, the BPE 7 missed entirely an announcement that it’d be happening. Why 6pm? Ask the writer of this story or the people in charge. In any case, it’s happening.

The tournament will consist of 256 people whose names will be randomly chosen. There’s a Blue, Green, Red and Purple division. Each colored division will have four separate colors of each holding 16 players, for 64 per color. Each table will be won once somebody has won 5 rounds. Prizes only offered if you’re one of the lucky 4 to make it to the final round, in which you’d of won 15 rounds, 5 in 3 rounds. A big concern about this is lighting. It’d seem the sun would be down quick enough. Preparations made, though, as they have their own lights, which they’ll use. The final round is planned to take place at the stage there. Anybody who wants to watch, can, but there’s no TVs to watch the action if you’re seated in the top row. In any case, this tournament will play out. One final wonder though is what happens if it gets windy. Well… this writer assumes they’ll need people to watch the cards!

The BPE 7 (except for Jamie) add their names to a mix to hope to be drawn out. While waiting, James overhears a snobby guy claiming he’ll wipe everyone out. The guy’s name is Jack, but he prefers his nickname of “Jack the Mack”. He makes many smart comments that get James annoyed. James hopes he can play him to keep his mouth shut.

More than 500 people submit their names, and needing 256, less than half wouldn’t make the cut. The BPE group were more than confident that at least one of their names would be drawn. At 6pm, the entries are closed, and it’s time to draw names and prepare placing. There’s 4 different sections of Bayfront Park that the tournament will be played at, each having its own color, so those who win stay put while the losers go home or continue watching the action.

The drawing finally begins as name-by-name is called. The selected tables are also drawn at random. The 36th name to be called is the first BPE name to be called. It’s Brenna who’s been drawn to play at Purple Division, Section 4, Table 2, Seat 1. James is the 47th name to be called. James is sent to Green Division, Section 3, Table 3, Seat 4. Kenneth is the 81st name to be called. Ken heads to Blue Division, Section 3, Table 3, Seat 2. Mara gets her name pulled out as the 134th selection. She heads to Purple Division, Section 2, Table 4, Seat 1. She’s not in the same section as Brenna, but for Brenna, finds that Jessica gets close as she’s also drawn to Purple Sector, Section 3, but Jessica lands at Table 1, Seat 2. If both Jessica and Brenna win their starting table, they’ll be opponents in Round 2. Ashley is the last one possibly called. Finally, it gets to the last 5 names to be drawn, and Ashley still hasn’t been selected, and figures by this point, she’ll be watching, but will go to watch James’ game. Finally, the 255th person is called, and it happens to be Ashley! She was the 2nd-to-last calling. (I bet I made you readers think she’d be the lucky last, huh!) Ashley, like Ken, will join the Blue Division, except Ashley fills the final void in Blue Division by taking Section 1, Table 2, Seat 2. Ashley lets out a sigh of relief as she got chosen! (Yay Ashley!) The 256th name is drawn, and now, final instructions are placed. There are 16 people in control of each section, 4 per color who’ll watch each table’s actions. Without further ado, the games get underway!

Ken and Ashley represent the Blue Division. James has the whole Green Division. The Red Division sees no BPE members, while Mara, Jessica and Brenna look to hype Purple Division. Who’ll be the winners of each color, and who’ll win the tournament having won 20 rounds?

Next Adventure: The (really late) UNO Tournament has begun! You need to win 20 sets to get the mysterious grand prize which is a mysterious one. (saying mysterious again) Will the BPE show dominance?

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 12th, 2013

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