046: Pole Position

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Brenna, Ashley and James took a ride through Venetian Causeway. At a park, Ashley discovered a kitten. Discovering it has a tag with its home address, the trio left to pursue its owners, who were very excited to see it, especially when it belonged to a 4yo girl.


The BPE 7 are resting up in their hotel rooms. The only planned event has already passed in the jet skiing, so now it’s just coming up with miscellaneous activities to make it through the day. There’s a suggestion of swimming in the outdoor pool, but it’s full-up. They don’t want to swim in any body of water, either. James suggest just filling up a tub and swimming in that, and is ignored again.

Ken decides he’s bored of staying in the room and wants to take another walk. Jessica decides to join him and takes Jamie along. The others decide to stay back and rest a bit. This isn’t the way they should spend their third-to-last-day in Miami, though, so the rest decide to follow after the Messerolls.

Once again the BPE 7 are at Bayfront Park, as it’s the best nearby option for fun. It’s only been a couple hours since they went in from jet skiing, but whatever the case, doing something on a vacation is better than just sitting around the hotel room.

Back at Dexter Fountain, Ken notices a couple guys fishing and decides to go over and talk to them. Jess watches as he begins to have great conversations with them, then wonders what it’d be like to get into fishing herself. She decides to let Ken have his fishing talk. After all, other than the jet skiing, Ken hadn’t been able to do much of what he wanted to do.

Ashley and James wander off as James continues to take random pictures. Mara and Brenna are also starting to wander off talking to each other, which leaves Jessica with Jamie who’s not very active. She does make a point to call “Daddy!”. Ken looks over and smiles then tells the guys she’s his daughter. Ken motions for Jess to bring herself and Jamie over to talk. She doesn’t want to, but when Ken motions again, she heads over.

Ken introduces the guys, who’re brothers named Keith (25) and Kevin (21). They’re also on vacation to Miami, arriving the previous day. Bayfront Park isn’t their fishing target, but decided to try it out. A good friend of theirs who has a boat will be with them fishing elsewhere for a few days. Having an extra rod, they offer Ken to use it. After a small hesitation, he accepts. Ken’s long-awaited fishing session has come!

Ken doesn’t expect to catch much, not this close to shore, but you never know what could happen. All Ken seems to care about at this moment is just sitting and holding a pole, which gives him a sense of relief, and now thinks this is a vacation. (in his mind) Jessica and Jamie watch while enjoying the scenery and people riding by in boats. Ken begins to wish he was fishing off one of the many area on the walking paths in Key West, as it’s way more open than this place. He now wonders why he’s even attempting to fish in the select spot, thinking South Pointe Park would be a lot better. Suddenly, Kevin suggests fishing at South Pointe Park, as it might be better. They invite Ken to join them. Jessica gives him the okay. She plans to go with them with Jamie. Jessica informs the others via text that they’re leaving, and they acknowledge.

Now at South Pointe Park, the brothers and the Messerolls begin to fish off the bridge, thinking they should’ve went there an hour ago. Ken’s happy they hadn’t or he wouldn’t be fishing with them. Jessica and Jamie enjoy a breeze coming in from the south and are happy they made this trip, too.

By 5pm, Keith and Kevin prepare to leave as their friend is on his way home from work. Ken thanks them for letting him use an extra rod, which the brothers are happy to have let him. Nobody ended up catching anything, but for Ken, just a relief he had attempted to catch a fish anyway.

Next Adventure: Some things you can only find in stories such as these. What do I mean by that? Well, you know a certain card game that we BPE members like? Well, get ready for a story about that!

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 11th, 2013

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