044: One-Hour Rides

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group made it back from a day touring the Florida Keys and began to discuss plans for their final three days in Miami. Jet skiing was among the plans, and it was agreed upon, so now, the group will do just that!


A change of plans is made to the dawning of Monday, day 6 of the BPE in Miami. Kenneth has scratched the rental idea from American WaterSports South Beach, and has taken favor to Miami Jet Ski Rental. The group agree despite the higher price. Two factors playing in is they can just walk there from the hotel, and they’ll be at a fun park to be at. Secondly, a lot more allowed room to ride in. The one-hour rentals d up being $150, so they’ll definitely only go for one hour and none more.

Lawrence is up early as he finally logs into Facebook to send a message to Daisy. (I can’t tell you what that message is, cause it’s between Story-Lawrence and Story-Daisy… ha! Troll alert!) He wonders if she’s on right now to be able to accept a friend request and read his message, but unfortunately, chores and early errands prevent him from waiting around, so he’ll hope to see a reply later.

The weather is fantastic for this day. The BPE group head to Bayside Marketplace at Bayfront Park to find food for breakfast. While they eat what they go, they sit and view off to the east. Early boaters ride around the 9:36am weather. Some of the group would like to have a somewhat luxury of doing such a thing every morning if they could.

Finally after breakfast, the group walk to the jet ski rental. Agreements worked out with payments made. The BPE have secured three jet skis. It’s still set in motion that two will go at a time while the others stay at the park. First up is Ken and Jess who in moments prepare to take on the morning sun in the water. While they get set, the others hand out near Dexter Fountain and the playground entertaining Jamie.

Ken and Jess are given instructions and shown around their rented boat. Minutes later, takeoff! Ken leads with Jess behind him! The BPE group notices their leave, as does James who makes sure to get pictures whenever able to. Knowing their limited routes, he’s sure pictures will happen periodically.

Ken and Jess are having a wild ride! Ken is careful to ride fast enough without sending him or Jess overboard. The rush of the wind and bits of water hitting them is exhilarating. They’ve only an hour and are already enjoying the first three minutes! Hopefully they use their time wisely. Ken takes Jess north near Pace Picnic Island. They circle the island from the west side of it and travel east a bit before a southern turn. Might have been $150, but they might as well live a little with what time they have left in Miami.

At the playground, Mara and Ashley are having fun with Jamie on the playground. Jamie enjoys her trips down the slide as she exclaims an exciting “weee” on the way down. James is sure to also get pictures of the others, especially when Ken and Jess aren’t in sight. He does get a video of Jamie going down the slide, but her “weee” isn’t as loud as the previous few, suggesting that she might be getting tired of saying it.

An hour has passed, and now it’s Brenna and Mara’s turn to ride. Jess having gotten to take a turn to control the jet ski. Brenna is given the first go to ride it while Mara sits behind her. Ashley and James will be the final two to take part in the jet ski ride. Ashley feels some guilt that James is paying for both, but for James, he’s more than fine about it, he just wants Ashley to ignore that and have fun. Ashley in her mind vows to do something nice for James later.

Finally another hour has passed and it’s time for Ashley and James to ride. James is the first to take control of riding. Ashley is old enough that she’ll be able to ride it herself. Both enjoy their turns at riding. By another hour, the rentals are over. All 6 having fun taking their cracks. It’s only after 1pm, and there’s still much of the day left. What’s next, group?

Next Adventure: I’m sure you wonder why I keep saying “Also, kittens” when no kittens are involved? Simple, because I just want to say “kittens”. On the next story however, kittens. I mean it this time.

Completed: February 1st, 2013
Submitted: April 9th, 2013

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