043: The Final Three Days

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group left Key West on their way back to Miami. They’d been accompanied by Ginger, Lawrence’s dog. The trip wasn’t one of their greatest, and secret suggestions may have suggested it was a wasted trip, but for Lawrence and Ginger, they got something out of it, new friends.


The BPE 7 are somewhat exhausted after the roundabout trip to Key West and back. The trip wasn’t as they expected it to be, not as tropical, but they had fun anyway. For some, it was fun that Lawrence brought his dog Ginger, for some pet relief. Now, the BPE group are at their rooms in Holiday Inn, and want to come up with plans for the final three days they’re in Miami. They’re looking at their #1 option to take place Wednesday to make for a nice farewell. The others agree and will go about this plan that day, wondering if they’ll have to do it without Lawrence.

Lawrence himself in the meantime is driving home with Ginger, hoping there’s a chance he’ll be able to do at least a couple more things with the group. Events at night are probable, but Lawrence himself has things he needs to get done, and his parents may want some time with him, after not seeing him for half a week. One of the real things on Lawrence’s mind however, was to make contact with Daisy in the hopes they can chat and hopefully meet up again in the future.

The BPE 7 gather in the Messeroll room. They want to head out to eat and possibly come up with plans wherever they go, but don’t feel like getting back out, so the next option is ordering food. Ken calls a # to have a pizza delivered. The preferred flavor(s)? Meat lovers, naturally. Pizza is on it’s way, the group will halt discussions until then.

30 minutes later, the pizza has arrived. Mara, Ashley and James walked to Walgreens to buy drinks. What do you think James got? … AriZona?... You’re right! Of course he did. The pizza arrived before the drink trio returned, so once they got back, they were greeted to the nice pizza smell.

Lawrence and Ginger have made it home to Lawrence’s parents having arrived earlier. Lawrence explains the details in why Ginger was with him as he then begins to discuss his past 4 days. Before he can get to a computer or use his phone, Lawrence’s parents want to tell him about their getaway. Lawrence now must be patient to seek this girl. Something worth waiting for? Maybe!

The BPE 7 have finished all the pizza they could eat (nothing leftover) and break one more time before finally getting together to come up with plans the final three days they’ll have in Miami. Jess prepares to hear “fishing” as Kenneth is the first to announce leftover plans. Kenneth wants to rent a jet ski, discovered a place on the lower southwest corner of Miami Beach that offers up to a one-hour rental for $89. Deemed a fun plan, as James, Brenna and Mara could also get one for three total. The only catch is one person wouldn’t be able to ride. Only 2 passengers at a time can be on it, so at least 1 person would get a jet ski for themselves. James wants it to be him, but Brenna decides to contest him. How? Arm wrestling. James knows he can never win, but decides to give it a try anyway. Brenna easily wins. So with that, Brenna will get a jet ski for herself. The only catch to this, is Jamie, who can’t hold on for herself, so someone else has to stay on land to watch her. The group works out the only strategy that makes sense. Only 2 will go at a time while everyone else hangs out at Southe Point Park.

By 10:00pm, the BPE group have all called it quits for the night as they go to sleep. Lawrence in the meantime is watching a movie with his parents. Lawrence has yet to make contact to Daisy, and would really like to soon. Another thing to remember is work the next day, which he’s now not looking forward to. The last time he was at work was before he’d first meet the BPE group, so it’d have the feeling of “it’s all over” even though the group is still there. He only hopes something worthwhile can happen within the three days. In the very least, he will see them off.

Next Adventure: It’s the dawning of Day 6 for the group in Miami. A talked-about plan is the first thing to happen bright and early as the group prepare to take shifts on jet skis! One hour per turn is the BPE 7’s plan. While two are out, the others hang out at Southe Point Park. Get ready to get wet!

Completed: January 31st, 2013
Submitted: April 8th, 2013

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