042: The Ride Back

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group made a temporary stop to the beach while Lawrence took Ginger to the dog park. Lawrence met Daisy, a lovely young blonde who was with her dog, Jimbo. While Lawrence and Daisy chatted, so did their dogs. Now, the BPE group is leaving to head back to Miami.


The time was little there, but now, the BPE is leaving Key West and the Keys back to Miami. Lawrence was okay with the Keys trip, though it was his 4th off-day, and will have to prepare for work the next day. His time with the BPE group is now draining minute-by-minute. Ken was going to let James drive back, but due to him being wet and sandy, Ken didn’t want him to mess up the RV in it, so James sits on a beach towel on the way back. It is nice out now with the sun shining. Perhaps there’ll be a stop or two on the way back… nahh… let’s go home. It’s agreed the next time a plan is to visit the keys, they leave earlier. Though none of them have too much an interest to return, especially not with the RV.

An hour has now passed since the group has left, which for Lawrence, feels like eternity after having only chatted with Daisy for half an hour. Ginger seems to be alright, though, as she’s found a place to sleep. Jamie wants to play with her, but Mara keeps her from getting near. Mara then has to cover Jamie’s mouth as she decides to start a screaming session. Ginger is awake, but doesn’t lift her head, seemed to be un-phased by it. Mara quiets Jamie down, though.

James has been focused on a lot of picture taking with the weather being sunny and clear, getting great shots of the horizon and the sparkling water, at least, every given chance that there’s no vegetation to get in his way. The group is in Conch Key, where a long stretch of seeing the water takes place, despite a path of land they’ll go through. James gets shots of people riding in speed boats looking to have a great time, and think they should do that while there if given the chance. The others would like to, but are unsure.

As the ride continues, Ken sees people fishing again, and again, would just really love to do that. Jessica wishes she had a penny for every time he brought it up, she’d have an early retirement. Ken says he’ll try to keep the subject down, but insists on trying anyway.

The group begins to pass the very area they parked at for an hour earlier due to all the heavy rain. As they pass, someone waiting to get out sees them. This person is the guy who looked into the RV on his way out of a private area. He sees them heading east, wondering if they’re not lost. He decides to forget them and move on himself.

Key Largo finally makes another appearance as the group has returned there. They’ve just under an hour and a half before they make it back to the hotel. It’s closing in on 7, so for Lawrence, the countdown to making his way back home to prepare work the next day. Ginger might be excited to be home, too. Another key note is Lawrence’s parents return home from their vacation this day. Unsure if they’re home yet or not. He’ll find out eventually.

A specific turn is made as the group has arrived back onto S Dixie Hwy, meaning their final minutes in the Florida Keys have begun. Most of where people view is off to the west to recall their whole adventure, and thing about what the beach they were at is like now. Lawrence is still thinking about Daisy, and plans to look her up on Facebook when he gets home.

Finally, the group exit the freeway and are back on Biscayne Blvd. A short couple minutes later, everybody exits the RV as Ken goes to park it. The group is back to Holiday Inn, the Florida Keys adventure is over. The time of arrival is 8:06pm. A long day, but with some fun involved.

Lawrence and Ginger say their goodbyes to everyone as they leave to head back home. Nobody knows if this was the last time they’d see Lawrence while in Miami with another 3 whole days there before they leave Thursday morning.

Next Adventure: What are the plans for the group heading into the next 3 days? Will one particular item on the list be realized? Also, will Ken get to go fishing? Finally… kittens.

Completed: January 31st, 2013
Submitted: April 7th, 2013

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