040: Key West

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the rain finally let up as Ken decided it was safe to be on the road again. The group continued their ride to Key West. Not a whole lot of excitement going on. Three were napping while the others looked to have a dull time watching scenery. All is good now though as the group enter the last stretch of tiny islands before arriving to Key West!


The rain has been slowing down bit by bit as it looks like the weather reports (via weather.com ) are correct. It could be another 20 minutes that the rain ends. Something that makes James happy as he continue to take pictures in the final stretch of the ride.

Big Pine Key is the name of an island the group approaches as the countdown to entering Key West begins. From where they are now, they have another 40 minutes until Key West is entered. Having themselves looked at an aerial map, the group finally gets excited as they start to consider lunch plans by looking at Key West in aerial view. One noted place is Shanna Key Irish Pub. Looking through its official site’s menu, one of its items is Corned Beef Reuben w/ fries. Except they notice it’s a Wednesday special, and today is Sunday, which has an Irish Breakfast and a Small Irish Breakfast. Mara goes to the dinner menu and notices most of the same things, just some with alterations. Shanna’s is one of the noted places as they continue to look around. The only big obstacle is parking the RV.

Seeing as Ginger is with the group, they don’t want to keep her in the RV when it comes time to eat, so an early plan is to just get to-go boxes bring into it. Two or three will enter with Ken or James while the other one drives in circles a bit in case there’s no chance to park. (or simply find a temporary place)

In no matter of time, the rain has come to a stop (yay!), the group has passed NAS Key West, and are in clear sights of Key West itself. The wait is finally over, and they can spend a little bit of time at Key West before heading back to Miami. The group is so close, they can taste the food of the place they selected! Is it Shanna Key Irish Pub? Or did the group decide on something else?

Finally, the group officially arrives in Key West. It’s a little after 3:30 PM. An hour later than they hoped it would be, but they’re there now. They’ll attempt to spend at least 30 minutes there before taking a trip back. They’re looking at getting back by 8pm if they stick to staying 30 minutes. Something could come up, but whatever the case, they don’t want to stay too long.

One big place that was found by Mara is a park for dogs, Higgs Beach Dog Park. Now that the weather is clear, the group thought about getting their food, then parking the RV there to let Lawrence walk Ginger around. Lawrence was cool with that idea. The Park is right on the gulf, so you’ll be able to see for miles south and only see water. A great location for a park! So it was settled. Time to get dinner, then eat at Higgs.

Having driven a bit, Ken discovers a vacant spot good enough for the RV for a temporary bit. He manages to park there with people walking by watching him. The group gets out with Brenna, James, Lawrence, and Ginger staying behind while the others head into their selected place, Sloppy Joes. Most of them were wanting to try “The Original Sloppy Joe Sandwich” which according to its info, made them and Key West famous. It was good enough that they all decided to get the same thing. No drinks selected, so the group planned to find a small store to find something. James was all set as he had as AriZona in the fridge. (Of course I did!)

After the food is collected, the group head to Higgs Beach Dog Park. Due to the rain ceasing, it was more than easy to get a parking space. There were only a few cars parked, so walking on the beach seemed promising.

The group brings out a few blankets then proceed to eat their sloppy joes. It’s lightened up a bit, but clouds still rule the sky. What matters though, it’s NOT raining.

Next Adventure: The BPE spend a little time in Key West before that long 3-hour trip back home! Will they do anything extra-fun in their short stay?

Completed: January 30th, 2013
Submitted: April 5th, 2013

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