039: Clear for Takeoff

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Mara and Brenna wrestled to see who’d get to wrestle Jamie in the final round of the WWBPE. It was a fierce match, fiercer than the easy win for Jamie over Lawrence! On the 10-count, Mara was declared the winner, and will now face Jamie in the finals!


“Rain, rain, go away, you are worse than body pain.” – Not even Ashley’s singing could make the heavy rain stop, despite that she likes it, just not at the very moment. The BPE group continue to sit alongside Sandy Cove Ave. Now having waited for 30 minutes for the heavy rain to cease. Weather reports indicate that within a couple hours, it’s supposed to clear up, which is a good sign for the group… WHO’D LIKE TO MOVE ON NOW, RAIN!

Finally, after an hour, the group can finally travel safely on the road again. The wait felt very strenuous as everyone tried to pass the time by. Now, they can finally be excited! Ken finds an area to turn around, and with a right back onto Overseas Hwy, the journey to Key West continues!

The group gets a decent look over the southern horizon to only see water. For them an amazing sight, but would be better if it were clearer weather. It hasn’t stopped James though from taking pictures, as best as he can. He expects blurry ones, but that’s something he’ll deal with later. Jessica’s also taking a few pictures herself. James though has outdone everyone else in the trip when it comes to pictures. He’s taken over 2,000 since the trip began. Definitely preserving memories!

The idea of traveling to Key West, rain or no rain, isn’t showing too much enjoyment. Especially when there’s very little stretches where they can see water for miles. A lot of vegetation on small little islands with the bridge they’re on, so most of the focus is on what’s ahead of them. There’s the occasional peek, but you’ll want to be quick and steady to get a good picture in. Right now, though, the rain is still coming down, so there’s not much good opportunities. The group is definitely hopeful that it’ll clear up by the time they reach Key West.

The group reach another stretch where they can see miles of water, but this time, north as well. They also see the bridge goes a different direction up ahead, so there’s a chance to see part of the lower trip of the main part of Florida. Before they get to the bridge’s turn, their sites of water are again diminished by plants and things. On a good note, though, it appears as if the rain is letting up a bit more.

Kenneth begins to think how great it would be to fish, no matter if it were on a boat or standing off the bridge. He’s got that look that he just wants to fish. Ken is unaware that Jess is trying to talk to him until she gets his attention. Jess felt as if Ken wasn’t paying too much attention and asks what’s on his mind. Ken says he’s desperate to go fishing. Jess feels bad for him, as except for his and Jess’ night out, Ken hadn’t really done anything for himself. Overhearing this, Mara and James decide to come up… with a plan! Yeah, a plan! Isn’t that great!!! … Yeah, I thought so too.

The group finally makes that first curve on the bridge and are now traveling northwest, but that is only temporary as they eventually start southwest again. The group did see part of the mainland of Florida, though, in the very distance. The rain isn’t as hard now, so you can just make out some land.

A little time has passed the group is now approaching another major island in their Key stretch. They’ve arrived in Marathon. Like Key Largo, everything looks as if they’d seen it before. As best as possible, they try not to let that ease down on the excitement. Eventually, they’ll make it to Key West and spend a little bit of time there before going back. They’re a little over an hour and ten minutes away from the arrival. As long as there’s no more stops, they’ll be alright on time.

Lawrence is anxious to get out himself and walk around with Ginger, who is peacefully taking a nap near the dining table. Jamie and Brenna are also asleep. Before long, they’ll wake up, and the group will have dinner at Key West!

Next Adventure: The long struggle is nearly over as the BPE group will finally see Key West! Also, what about this rain? Will it stop like it’s supposed to?

Completed: January 29th, 2013
Submitted: April 4th, 2013

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