038: Let's Pause for a Bit

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group entered the first area in their ride to Key West and traveling through the Keys. Rain begun in Key Largo which was the first major area passed. No stops were made though as there was no plan of rest until they’ve reached Key West.


The BPE group continue riding Overseas Hwy as they pass through a CDP (census-designated place) called Tavernier. Ken maintains a decent speed as the rain continues to fall. There’s still not an entire lot to see on the current path as vegetation still has a rise, and the rain’s not making it any better. It’s as if in one aspect that they’re not even on the Keys based on how plain everything looks. Some were expecting the routes to be a bit more tropical. The only real excitement comes from the trees between the divided highway.

Mara continues to look through Google’s maps as she seeks to locate a possible place for them to get out, even if it’s in the rain. Every dead-end though looks to be occupied by housing, so there wouldn’t be any real privacy. Ken decides to just keep going until they’ve reached Key West, as he’s not thrilled with stopping of any kind at the moment, especially with it raining. The group has a little under 2 hours before they reach Key West, so they all believe they can hold out on any sight-seeing until then. They’re just hopeful the rain ceases before then.

With now just an hour and a half to go, the rain becomes so heavy that it’s beginning to be hard to see the road. There’s no stopping though on the highway, so Ken prepares to take the earliest next turn he can. The group had barely a good view to the north and south as they’d finally escaped the vegetation and could see the Gulf of Mexico. Finally, thanks to Mara, the group has found a place to sit while the heavy rain continues.

The group find themselves on Sandy Cove avenue, just off Overseas Hwy. It was discovered that they wouldn’t be able to go too far, even if they wanted to. They could turn to the nearest right, but it’s all they could do. A gate blocks them from going anymore north. Mara had checked it out on the street view before telling Ken about it. The group proceed to sit and wait, and hope no officials have to ask them to move on.

To pass the time, James reads a few stories to Ashley, Mara, and Lawrence (hmm…) Jamie continues to enjoy Ginger’s company while Lawrence continues to juggle good idea/bad idea thoughts on him bringing her here. Ken and Jess are having their own conversation up front. Not a lot personal though since those behind them can hear. Brenna decided to take another nap, and to wake her when they’ve arrived in Key West. The rain has caused a lot of downtime in sight-seeing as there’s not much to see. If it were clearer, then most likely Brenna wouldn’t be napping. (or would she still?)

The rain lets up a little 10 minutes later, but to Ken and Jess, it’s still a little bit bad to consider leaving. With the temperature warm enough that an AC isn’t needed, Ken turns the RV off to conserve it’s electricity. The group doesn’t mind the darkness as it makes them feel like they’re in a scary movie. At least, James feels that way.

Another 10 minutes later, they see the bright lights of a car coming from the private extension of Sandy Cove Ave. They see the gate being opened, then someone driving through before the gate is closed again. Some really want to tour the place, but of course, that wont happen. As the vehicle drives by, the person in the car makes a glance to the RV seeking anybody inside. All they see is Ken and Jess up front. He wonders if they plan to do something heinous. The person decides there’s nothing to worry about and continues off. He figures with the heavy rain as the reason they’re sitting there. Good thing for the BPE, he assumes right! They don’t need a police matter, especially if the guy thought they were up to something!

The rain continues to fall heavy. At this rate, making it to Key West and back, they don’t estimate getting back until after 7pm. Will this rain go away?

Next Adventure: The rain lets up more, but still continues. It’s good enough that the BPE continue their route to Key West. They’ve only got less than an hour and a half. Come on guys, you can do this!

Completed: January 29th, 2013
Submitted: April 3rd, 2013

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