037: The Rain Reigns

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, to avoid leaving Ginger home all day and not wanting to spend the day off alone, Lawrence opted to bring Ginger along for the ride! The best part, is everyone is together in the RV! The Keys trip begins with a ride through Key Largo!


The only good side to the forecast of rain, is no thunder and lightning. Just a good ol’ fashioned rain fall. Suddenly, Ken and Jess have seen their first rain drop, as the rain begins a steady fall, more so like a mist, but a heavier one, perhaps a drizzle. In any case, the rain wont stop the BPE group from enjoying their ride to Key West. The only negative about the ride, is with Ginger, if she needs go ‘out’. She’d re-enter the RV wet. Lawrence never brought a towel. Fortunately, though, there’s still beach towels, so it’s covered mostly.

Jamie seems to be enjoying the company of Ginger, but almost gets a little rough. Ginger doesn’t retaliate though and just shakes anything off. The others in the group are having fun too. Ginger may not be their pet, but it’s cool to have an animal around. Lawrence made sure to bring her food and water bowls as well as food. So Ginger could be set.

Not an entire lot to see outside. The rain continues to fall at a nice pace. The group is enjoying the moment, though. James is getting some good picture opportunities in. Brenna has decided to try and take a catnap. Mara now has Jamie in her lap watching outside. Ashley is also watching outside admiring the rain. Ken and Jess are happy up front as the two are near each other, thankful it didn’t rain during their time on the rental boat.

The BPE group finally approach Key Largo in the first main area of the Florida Keys (starting from the southern tip of the main part of Florida to the end of the Keys at Key West). The group watch as they enter the main land of the Keys which begin to show buildings all around. They’re able to see them for the most part as the rain is getting a little heavier. In a way, most are happy about the rain as it adds excitement to this trip. There’s talk of wanting to start an UNO game, but it’s not the high point right now, not even for James who wants to watch the scenery.

In no time, the group make it into the heart of Key Largo. They look around to see it’s about the same as any other area in Florida, just that they’re on a long stretch of narrower land. Jessica spots a Burger King. Ken instantly thinks she’s hungry, but it hadn’t been too long since their breakfast. The group would probably break for lunch upon entering Key West.

Lawrence begins to wonder when a good time would be to let Ginger out, and among other things, where to let her out. The group think best in a vacant wooded area where nobody watches. Mara decides to use the time to check on areas away from a town-like area.

The group is exiting Key Largo, and now there’s not much for them to see except what’s ahead of them, as the sides are covered by large vegetation. It’s like a regular expressway, just on the Keys. Without much to watch, they decide to go ahead and play UNO. As much Jess wants to play, she decides to stay in the front with Ken. Jess does ask Mara to win for her, which Mara says she will. Only one game ends up being played, and it’s won by Lawrence. Jess vows to Mara she’ll make her pay later. Mara did however get 2nd place!

Brenna decides her short nap is over and decides to rejoin the group, who’re still watching the scenery outside. Ashley and Jess begin to wonder what it’d be like to live in the area as they pass a neighborhood.

Next Adventure: The rain stays as the BPE continues down the Florida Keys. Will the rain let up or will the group have to actually pull over if it gets too bad?

Completed: January 28th, 2013
Submitted: April 2nd, 2013

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