035: Planning the Day

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, James went to spend the night at Lawrence’s place while Ken and Jessica continued their evening alone. Things looked bad when Jess got sick a couple times and was taken to the hospital. Before their leave, the doctors had some news to tell Jess. However they found out she was, found out that she’s pregnant!


Not much to be done in the morning at Lawrence’s place as him and James are already on their way back to Holiday Inn where the BPE group will be heading out for breakfast upon their arrival. Mysteries were revealed as Ken and Jess never came back to Holiday Inn, they’d spent the night at the hospital. Jess for the most part is okay, but has a bit of food poisoning to deal with. The others don’t know the surprise a doctor found, and don’t know when they plan on telling.

Lawrence embraces for the fourth and final day off in a row from work as he’ll have to go in the next day, knowing his friends are still there. Part of life, as they all know it. The only real part of this day, is deciding what to do! Lawrence’s idea as seen by Ashley and James may not happen after all, as with Lawrence’s parents still away, nobody would be able to look after Ginger. So now it’s up to the group to collectively decide what to do.

The group meet up at 8:24am in The Messeroll room. Jess asks James how his night was at Lawrence’s place. James didn’t know what to say, but “quiet” was far from one of the words, as he dealt with the cute obnoxious meowing most of the night. Lawrence felt the same way, though neither he nor James knew that about the other.

Mara believes to have found a great place for the group to have breakfast at. A place called Café Bastille. The group have no objectives, so the Café is where they’ll be going! Ken and James each take their respective cars with their same groups, and off they go!... Well, never mind. The group decides to just walk there instead because it’s only a few blocks from them. So the group walks there instead!

Since arriving at the Café, the group begin to discuss their plans for the day. Lawrence announces one of his plans, but they all agree that today is not the best day. Earlier planning would’ve been good, and also, they didn’t want to do it with Jess sick. Lawrence has a couple other ideas, but there isn’t a unanimous vote, so it’s up to anyone else in the group. To possibly please Ken, James suggests fishing, but only gets Ken’s vote, so that’s ruled out. Ken tries to persuade the group, but they wont budge. Ashley suggests taking a road trip somewhere. While it’s deemed as a potential idea, the next question is where they’d go. Ashley has no ideas. Brenna considers having another beach day and finding another beach to hang out at. Not much attention there as they’d been at a beach just 2 days ago. Most want to wait at least another couple days before another beach outing.

The group get their breakfast and decide they’ll come up with ideas later. Ken still wishing they took up James’ idea to go fishing. Jessica by looking at Ken, knows how much he wants to do that, but is sure he can go without it.

After a nice breakfast. The group decide to take a different route home, just to get a good walk in. They continue to go over ideas on what to do to spend their day. They’ve taken up Ashley’s idea to travel somewhere, so now, there just needs to be a vote on where they go. James suggests traveling to the east of Florida to see the horizon to the Gulf of Mexico. While sounding fun, James comes up short of making the decision. Jessica decides to chip an idea in. She previously suggested the Florida Keys. Finally, the group believes to have made a unanimous vote, as they all agree to that. So finally, the group has decided how to spend their Sunday. When they make it back to Holiday Inn, Mara browses Google Maps to see how long it’d take to get from the hotel to Key West, which marks the end of the travel. She sees it’d take roughly 3 and a half hours. So if they leave at 11am, they could be there close to 2:30pm, spend a little time there, then be back sometime after 6pm and still have an evening to do something. With that, the group is sealed on the idea. Only one problem though… (ha, troll alert!)

Next Adventure: The BPE group prepare their leave to travel the Florida Keys. A surprise return marks a surprise… I think. You wont be surprised, but, present you will be.

Completed: January 27th, 2013
Submitted: March 24th, 2013

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