034: Exciting Night of Terror

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, Ken and Jess got a chance to spend an evening just to themselves, something they’ve desired for days. Getting Mara and Jamie for James’ crew would be minimal as those two along with Brenna went back to Holiday Inn. Ken and Jess’ night out continues.


The night is still fairly young, just after 9pm. Ken and Jess have taken a drive out while the rest of the group hang out at Holiday Inn. Lawrence is thinking he should get ready to go home as it’s been close to 6 hours since he’s last checked on Ginger. As Lawrence prepares his goodbye for the night, he pauses one moment then has a stirring thought, whether it’s a good idea or bad idea can depend on if he chooses to say it or not. Finally, he just says it. Lawrence asks James how he’d feel staying one night at his place. James is mixed as he’d no way to prepare for such a thing. James decides though to go with it. He lets Ashley know he’s leaving for the night, and acknowledges that. James prepares a few belongings and his off. On their way down, he lets Jess know, but no immediate answer.

Ken and Jessica find themselves at Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach, not too far from Holiday Inn, but for them, good enough for a time away. After looking over the menu, Jessica gets a full chopped salad while Kenneth gets Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. As they eat and enjoy their time together, they discuss their life once they get home. Suddenly, Jess claims to feel sick. She makes it to the lady’s room in time to puke in a potty. Ken almost wants to run in there to help her, but remembers it’s a women’s restroom, and that… wouldn’t go over well. Jess ends up getting sick again, and it’s decided that they should go to a hospital. They rule out food cause they barely got started.

Having been at Lawrence’s home for a while and meeting Ginger, Lawrence and James watch a movie. A movie so great… it was great!... Yeah… James agrees to watch some shows that Lawrence DVR’d. Mostly episodes of New Girl starting Zooey Deschanel. The two sit and watch 4 episodes before they decide they should get some sleep before the morning hits. There’s still no plans for that yet either. No idea what the group will be doing! James is set for a night on the couch.

As the night continues on toward 1am, simultaneously, Ashley and James wake up at the same time. Ashley texts him and asks how he’s doing, and says that he may not get the message until the morning. James however replies that he’s alright, just thought to have heard a loud noise. He gets up to check out the window, but nothing’s there. Suddenly, he hears a noise coming from the back of the house and decides to check on it, hoping Ginger doesn’t bark at him or make noises. James is surprised though as Ginger doesn’t seem to hear it. James decides just to stay in the living room area. However, he begins to hear more noises. When he gets a glimpse out in the yard, there’s a line of kittens following each other like they were a train, and they’re all meowing! James rubs his eyes to see if he’s awake, and well, he must be! James goes back to the couch to lie down. Meanwhile upstairs, Lawrence has woken up to the same thing, and sees the same thing James did. He wants to go down and tell him, but thinks James will want his sleep, and that they’ll be gone before he could tell him anyway.

Back at Holiday Inn, Ashley takes one of the card keys and heads out into the hall. She woke up Jamie doing so as she begins to scream, which wakes up Brenna, Mara, and a few others in their rooms. Mara quickly goes to comfort Jamie while Ashley dashes away from the room. Mara notices that Ashley is gone. Ashley has made her way to the end of a hall where she looks out a window and begins to think of her family back home. She still misses them, but believes she can endure them when she sees them in a week. That part alone makes Ashley really want to enjoy her days with the group as she’s not ready to go home.

At the hospital, Jess appeared to have some kind of food poisoning, that was determined to have come from their dinner around 3 in the afternoon, nothing to do with Joe’s Crab Stone. If things didn’t get any more bizarre, a doctor comes to the two with some news after checking Jessica out. However they did it, they discover that she’s pregnant. Shocked and happy faces loom for the two. Jessica is going to have another baby! Oh baby!

Next Adventure: The sun rises to Day 5 for the BPE group, on what ends up being another nice day. Ken and Jess don’t know how and when to prepare their news to their friends and Jamie. Lawrence begins to prepare what may be his final full day with the group before work resumes on Monday. Will the group’s Sunday together be worth it?

Completed: January 27th, 2013
Submitted: March 23rd, 2013

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