032: Double Rescue

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group went on a boat ride. After lunch, the group decided to split up and go separate routes, just so everyone can have some personal time away from others. Ken’s group is going south, whereas James’ group started east. Will both make it back in time for refueling?


Ken’s group continues south and will stay that way until they believe to arrive at Key Largo, hoping nothing goes wrong there and back. James’ group has decided to go east, venturing out almost to the middle of nowhere hoping to reach The Bahamas. Only one problem though, is it’s waaaayyy too far by boat, they wouldn’t make it. Brenna has already (off story) threatened James if he got them lost or stuck. James tells her not to worry, though. The GPS is still working fine, it even has the directions back to the port. So getting lost is impossible.

James’ group continues east. They’re not too far out that they can’t see the land still to the west. Tall buildings give it away. Before long though, they continue a little further east. His crewmates consider him to turn around or at least start heading north. James agrees and chooses to begin going north.

As Ken’s group continue their path to Key Largo, they encounter a few people fishing, so Ken goes to travel around them from a further distance. Before he can get too far, someone from a boat calls out to him to have him go over there. This man, who might be in his late 60s or early 70s, wanted somebody to show-off his fish collection to. Ken seems a little interested at first, especially when the guy allows him to fish, but Jess insists on continuing their ride. Even Jamie is anxious. Ken passes and they continue.

As they’re traveling north, James begins to see a boat in the distance. At first he thinks people are fishing, but as the group gets closer, all 4 of them can hear yells. It’s two people (who we’ll call Ben and Laura) who’re stranded. Their boat ran out of gas, and have no way of calling for help. Fortunately, James’ group is there to help. Ben and Laura get in James’ boat while Ben is helped by Lawrence hooking Ben’s boat to James’. Finally, James takes off… well… at least he tries. The GPS system isn’t functioning, and to make things worse, the boat wont start! The gas is plenty, but something else is wrong. James believes the spark plug has something to do with it. Ben and Laura’s rescue has turned into a double-stranding. No rescue after all, but at least there’s 4 more people! Brenna offers the two some remainder of food, they graciously thank them, but don’t want to take it. They do however accept a water bottle that they both share.

Ken’s group made it close enough to Key Largo, but not reaching there. Ken decides to turn them around, but goes east a bit just to take them out a ways and possibly see something new. None of them have the slightest that James’ group is stranded. Ken decides to try to contact them, but for whatever reason, their signal is jammed.

“We’re gonna die, we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die!” – Nobody. None of the six stranded are the least bit concerned about dying. James’ crew had also discovered their phone signals jammed too, but finally, it looks like they can make contact. James then calls Ken who does answer. James explains the whole situation. Rather than go find them themselves, Ken decides to return to the boat rental to fill them in.

To pass the time, James’ group with Ben and Laura play UNO. (perfect game to play when stranded, yes?) They manage four games by the time help arrives. The winners of those games are Ben, Ben, Laura, and… Ben. James nor his group could notch a win. In fact, Laura got 2nd in each of Ben’s wins while Ben got 2nd in Laura’s win. Ranked 3-6 all around.

One of the owners arrives to check out the boat and discovers it is a spark plug issue. Fortunately, he replaces it there, and James’ group is free to leave.

Next Adventure: Ben and Laura are helped out. Also, James takes on two more passengers for the ride, who are they and what are they? I meant “why” are they?

Completed: January 26th, 2013
Submitted: March 17th, 2013

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