031: Split Decision

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the group drove all the way to Boat Rental Miami. That’s right! It took a one parking spot difference! Thanks Ken. Speaking of Ken, both him and James each rented a boat to hold 4 members each to take a ride! That ride has since begun, and the group is enjoying it so far!


The BPE group continue their southern route near Miami. The eventually approach a spot where they must ride under a bridge. While on their way to passing it, some wonder if the bridge will collapse on top of them. First off, how dare they think that! Possible, but no. Just then… no, it doesn’t happen, and I’ll never write about it.

Ken decides to take a left turn (now going east) as the group approaches Key Biscayne. It may be Ken’s intent to drive them by the beach they were at the previous day. It turns out to be true as that’s where he takes them. The group get a look at the beach and try to pin-point what part of the beach they went to, and believe to see it. Brenna reminds Lawrence and James how their pathetic team couldn’t get a winning set. James asks Brenna where her help was. Brenna says “you’re the volleyball player”. James wants to drop the topic, so he does. The topic hits his foot, he says “ow”.

When Mara points out to Jamie the beach they were at the previous day, Jamie suddenly remembers it, and remembers the name she’s about to say “Jason”, although Jamie says it like “Jaysa”. It’s clear to them that Jamie remembers Jason, as now, all Jamie can think about is him. Mara and Jess then do what they can to get Jamie’s mind refocused on new sights. “Jaysa!” is Jamie’s reply but with a smile. They figure what a long ride they’ll have coming to them.

Lawrence pulls out his list of what he’d like to do with the BPE during their time there. He has already crossed off “Baseball Game” and “Karaoke”. He has a few more to that list. Ashley and James are given a look at it. You, the reader, however, don’t get to look at it! Ha! (Troll alert!) Ashley and James both get excited over one of those, and want to tell it to Ken’s group.

Now 11:30am, Ken decides to group should go ahead and eat their lunch now. Lawrence begins to get concerned about Ginger, and that a plan tomorrow could really have side-effects. He now wishes his parents were home so that there wouldn’t be much worry to it, and now begins to think the thought-of event can’t take place.

The BPE group continue to sit still and eat lunch while enjoying the passing by of other boaters, some even with people water skiing. James asks anybody if they’d ever be interested in it. Mara, Jess, and Ken say they would be. Ken though says as long as Jess is at the end and he’s driving the boat. Lawrence believes he’d be up to it, as it really could be fun. All anybody in the group needs to do now is rent a speedboat… yeah…

After lunch is over, the group talk about their boating plans. They’ve come to a decision to split away from the group and travel separately just to have some time where the group is split up for a while. No trades between boats are made, so the groups are as they were. Ken has an idea of where he and his group will go and take off. James’ group continues to stand until they come up with an idea, while watching Ken’s group off (to the south). James and his group agree to ride to the east. When asked to about where. James says they’re going to The Bahamas. Brenna suggests if they do that, they’ll run out of gas and be in huge trouble. James decides then that that is not in their best interest. Ashley on the other hand would have liked it.

Ken’s plan is to take his group up to Key Largo then turn back around. Jessica then brings up the idea that the group should travel along the Florida Keys, which does strike as a good idea, and that it could be fun. Ken thinks it over as a possibility, but next is when to do it. They have one more full day with Lawrence before his week of work returns, and they still have their secret plan for tomorrow to think about.

Next Adventure: The boat rides continue as both parties of the BPE ride out their personal routes. Will they be able to return with enough gas or will one or both parties need aid? Also, kittens.

Completed: January 26th, 2013
Submitted: March 16th, 2013

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