027: Sandy Spikes

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the Messerolls met Jeff and Carla and their son, Jacob, whom like Jamie, had eyes on each other. Jamie and Jacob enjoyed some moments to themselves while Ken and Jess became friends with Jacob’s parents. They’ve split for now, but future communication is certain!


Lawrence and Ashley have joined James has he had begun a walk to the north on the beach. Among the things they discuss are playing UNO on Facebook, stories that James has been typing (hmm…) and the surrounding scenery. They enjoy the palm trees in the sand for the most part. At least for Ashley and James, it’s something like they’ve never seen before. Lawrence had been familiar with it a little bit.

At the BPE’s spot, Jamie continues to keep a close watch on Jacob as he sits with his parents. Jessica and Mara do what they can to grab Jamie’s attention, but she’s set on Jacob. Ken and Jess each have their own imagination of Jamie when she gets her first boy crush. They slap themselves into consciousness and focus on the now that Jamie is 2 years old.

Lawrence, Ashley, and James finally turn around to head back to the group. Once they arrive, they decide on what to do next. Jess has an idea of taking Jamie to a nearby playground wanting anybody to go with her. Ken and Ashley volunteer while Lawrence, Mara, Brenna, and James stay. On their way there, Jacob happens to notice, too, points, and says “ah!” Carla believes they’re all leaving and apologizes to him.

Now 2:41pm, the beach continues to bring in more people. Close to about 400 by 3pm.

It is at 3 that something strikes the interests of Lawrence and James. A volleyball net has been put up. A couple guys are seeking people to play. They notice Lawrence, Brenna, Mara, and James and invite them over. Lawrence and James accept while Mara hesitates but decides to join, too. Even Jeff chooses to get in on the fun. The only BPE member present not to choose to play is Brenna who decides to watch the action instead. The two guys (Michael and Tony) have achieved at least 6 players per team. Team 1 is Tony–Hannah–Dana–Veronica–Dale–Keith. Team 2 is Michael–Jeff–Gabe–Lawrence–Mara–James. The names start in order from the bottom right and go around clockwise for order of play, meaning Tony and Michael will be their respective team’s first servers. At 3:10pm, the game has begun! First team to 21 wins set 1. First team to win 3 sets wins. Team 1 serves first with Tony opening it up.

The action starts big as at least Mara and James are wondering if they know what they got themselves into. These guys seem like serious players who spike a lot. Lawrence is confident in his gameplay. Team 1 already has 7 points before Team 2 and James can make their first serve. James takes the ball and makes his serve. No aces as Team 1 sends it back. The two go at it a bit more until Team 1 scores the point. It’s 8-1 in favor of Team 1 in Set 1.

While 3 BPE members play volleyball, The Messeroll clan is enjoying a bit at a playground. Jamie has taken her mind off Jacob for a little bit, but has the occasional watches. The playground begins to feel disliked, so the Messeroll group decide to take a steady walk to the south, so that they’re not going too far from the rest of their group.

The volleyball game isn’t going the way of Team 2, who is down 18-4 in the first set. When Team 2 loses that first set 21-6, they decide to re-organize their rotation heading into Set 2. Their new order is now Lawrence, who’ll serve first. Jeff, Mara, Gabe, James, and Michael follow. Feeling confident, Team 1 keeps their original order, except that Veronica will serve first. Team 2 has a group huddle for planning on maneuvers. Mara and James aren’t spikers, and Gabe seems to be the best for that, so when Mara, Gabe and James are in front, Gabe could cut between and spike back. It’s time to begin Set 2!

Next Adventure: The volleyball game continues as Michael’s Team 2 try to earn themselves a set over Tony’s powerful Team 1. Can Team 2 overcome the Team 1 Machine?

Completed: January 24th, 2013
Submitted: March 8th, 2013

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