025: Beach Day

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, The BPE group assembled to two vehicles, despite not having the room to stretch, they really didn’t seem to mind. The select location was Key Biscayne for a beautiful view to the south. This became the major event of the day. What will today bring?


The start of a new day is upon the BPE group. One of the very first things accomplished in the morning was Ken purchasing a remaining stay for the group until the day they leave! So it looks like the RV wont be needed for sleep needs after all. (YAY!)

The group already has their plans for the day, which mostly consist of lying on a beach, playing volleyball on a beach, eating on a beach, taking a nap on a beach, and best of all… visiting a beach! Didn’t take all-night to plan, though you have to wonder why Ashley is so tired! Even though she wasn’t the one who came up with it. Taking a nap at a beach sounds like a good idea to her. The best part is there’s good shade at the planned beach. The group will be heading back to Key Biscayne, where there is a nice beach there, as well as palm trees which will help with the shade issue. It’s shaping up to be a great day! As of now, the time is 9:23am. The group has eaten breakfast and are waiting on the arrival of Lawrence. While they wait, they decide to partake in UNO. 6 games are completed by Lawrence’s arrival. Winners of those games in order is Mara, James, Mara, Brenna, Ashley and Ashley. The Messerolls are duped.

Lawrence arrives moments later, and the group can take off! Same vehicle arrangements as the previous night’s visit. James once again will have his group follow Ken’s group. No more time wasted, the group takes off! … Well, sort of. Before they go, they head to Bayfront Park where they buy lunches early on to enjoy later. There is one instance they wish they were using the RV, and that is for the refrigerator. They have plenty of ice though in a cooler that should be good most of the time.

The group eventually arrive at the beach, which is only fairly crowded, but still a nice amount of people. (we’ll say 179) The BPE group seek ‘their’ spot(s) for the day, and believe to have found one of the good ones. The temperature is 81º with a steady wind, so it’s bound to be a good day.

The group rests in their area for a while before a decision is made to get an early start in the water. Only Brenna and James stay back as the others go. Seeing as they planned to spend nearly the whole day there, there was no push to try and get Brenna and James to go with them. Brenna and James decide to take a nap until lunch time. For James though, he wasn’t really sure he wanted to do that, so instead, he gets his camera out and begins taking pictures, (psh, I’d so do that…) leaving Brenna to nap for herself. James asks her if she’d be okay by herself, she says yes, so James goes his own way.

At the water, Jess and Ken are carefully holding Jamie by each of her hands while she enjoys stepping in the water. She just might be the most excited person of the whole group! Ken and Jess await the day when Jamie is older and can swim. Ashley and Lawrence are simply enjoying just seeing Jamie have fun.

James is walking the opposite direction of Ken and the others. He continues to take random pictures and a few videos to capture the moments. (I took other various pictures as well, including one HILARIOUS one of you! haha)

Brenna is enjoying her nap until a pesky seagull clan starts to walk near her. As soon as they get close enough, she opens her eyes and yelps a bit. The flock flies off. James just happened to get a picture. Ken’s group looks on and wonders what went up. They assume it had something small to do with the seagulls, so they go back about their business.

By 11am, it’s looking like more people are arriving, so the group ‘could’ experience a full crowd. If they do? That’s fine with them, they have their spot!

Next Adventure: It’s high noon as more people start to enter the beach. The BPE’s group is set having secured their spot. Not much activity to be had, though, until one person in the group, becomes lovestruck!

Completed: January 24th, 2013
Submitted: March 2nd, 2013

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