023: Car-rental Guidance

From Best Pants Ever

Previously, the BPE group set out as Ken and Jessica searched for a new car to make up for their dead one. However, nothing was decided and they left with the RV still. The space-eating monstrosity that’s still liked. The BPE group will split up for a while as Ken and James go seek a car to rent!


The BPE group has returned to Holiday Inn for the time being. Lawrence bids a temporary goodbye as he returns home for a while to tend to his dog, Ginger. (no, not the girl from Gilligan’s Island, who’s not a dog anyway) Brenna, Mara and Ashley will be staying at the hotel to relax a bit with Jamie while Ken, Jessica, and James take off to go get a car to rent.

In their hotel room, Brenna decides she wants to take a power nap… so she does! Mara and Ashley want to go online 1 at a time… so they do! Jamie wants to make noise… but Mara keeps her quiet! With Ken, Jess, Lawrence, and James elsewhere, it seems too quiet… and boring.

On his way home, Lawrence tries to think if the first full day will get any better in productivity. The circling random islands was fun, as well as the Miami Beach tour, but Lawrence is hopeful for more to happen. He tries to come and think of other ideas for his list of ideas. A good idea on his part. (Idea is the word of the day, I guess)

Ken, Jess, and James stop at one of the rental sites. Budget Miami Downtown Rent-A-Car. They’re greeted by (a guy we’ll call) Mark. Mark is who you’d want as a salesman, except he deals with rentals. Ken explains in short what he wants, and Mark leads him right to what Ken was looking for. Ken and Jess check it out a bit and decide it’s good enough. James continues to search until he finds one similar to Ken’s and decides to choose it. Mark takes the guys inside to fill out paper work.

Back at the hotel, Ashley makes a call to her mom. Ashley says that she misses being home a little bit, but is really enjoying this trip and that she is having a great time. Her mom is happy for that, and asks if James is taking care of her. She says he is, but everyone also is, that they really care about her. After a warm conversation, they let go. While Ashley does miss home a little bit, she’s happy to be where she’s at. After a little time online, Mara and Ashley decide to get a powernap in before the day continues, though they’re both hardly tired. Jamie however, doesn’t seem to like the nap idea. Finally there’s Brenna, who’s close to falling asleep. Jamie decides to crawl on her and wake her up. Rather than be annoyed, she’s curious as to what Jamie might do to her.

Lawrence has made it home with Ginger being there at the door. Lawrence prepares her dinner which she takes to. Lawrence has a glance out the window, and notices a kitten in the yard. Lawrence opens the door, and the kitten runs off. Wishing it came to him, Lawrence goes back about to tending to Ginger.

Ken and James have taken care of business at the renter’s and decide to each take their own test ride. Jess however is stuck taking the RV back. The renter didn’t allow them to keep the RV there, even if they paid them to take it, so now, they must have 4 total parking spaces. 5 with Lawrence’s return. Jess wonders when Ken or James would do something with the RV, as it’s really not working out for them, especially in tight quarters.

Ken and James each take separate paths, both knowing how to get back to Holiday Inn. Ken takes a little journey south while James heads west. Jessica heads nervously back to Holiday Inn hoping not to hit anybody with the RV. She’s now really wishing they didn’t have the RV.

Ken and James continue their rides while watching for any potential places to visit. Neither of the guys find anything worth their own time. Both begin to make their way back to Holiday Inn, while over to his place, Lawrence is finishing up with Ginger and will prepare to head back to rejoin the group.

Next Adventure: The car situation is over! (2 whole stories about it? Are you dragging this out again, James?) The group has rejoined and begin their tours in the rental cars! Thanks to the two-way intercoms, the trip can still be as enjoyable. Where will the group go in their first full day with Lawrence?

Completed: January 24th, 2013
Submitted: February 24th, 2013

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